Rethinking your strategy is imperative to address how to be resilient and ready with an eye to a sustainable future. 

The ATTA is actively developing new, innovative products to help your destination move forward with recovery efforts. Research, education, and training (for both destination professionals and their regional suppliers), new product development for the post covid-19 traveler, marketing and engagement strategies to reach both the trade and the end consumer, as well as virtual events are some of the opportunities that can help form and materialize your destination’s strategy.

Additionally, at ATTA’s core is community and relationship building around the world. The ATTA has continued its efforts in connecting destinations and suppliers with buyers and media around the globe virtually, and will in-person when it is safe to do so, to ensure there is no interruption in the relationships we have all worked to develop for years, if not decades.

We are open and flexible to brainstorm and work together to keep the industry moving forward. Whether you are looking for solutions in the next three months, or a three year strategic plan, your ATTA regional director can customize an actionable plan for your destination to stay resilient. 


The ATTA has offered advisory programs for destinations around the world, to help grow visitation to a destination through the development of deep relationships and partnerships, education, advisory on new product development, and marketing opportunities. Building off of the knowledge that we have acquired through this work, we offer an array of advisory services tailored to your destination’s needs during this unprecedented time and beyond. 

Adventure Expertise Groups

An advisory panel of experts will help your destination inform your strategy on a topic (or topics) of choice (for example regional strategies, local market and product development, etc.), and ATTA will curate these experts and facilitate the group through the full length of the program (from  half a day all the way to a 12 month commitment). Written reports, research, and analysis may be added on.

Adventure Advocate Group

Develop deep relationships and partnerships with receptive operators, agents, and media with conversion potential. Learn, grow, innovate and market your products through an ATTA led 1-2 year private advocacy group.


New Market Reconnaissance

A curated ATTA group of experts will provide your destination with guidance and a roadmap for sustained industry development. This assessment FAM will connect high value buyers and media interested in new markets with leaders in the destination and be customized to the specific areas of assessment your destination needs (ie safety, guide service, accommodations, etc).


For over fifteen years, the Adventure Travel Trade Association has crafted events allowing a thriving community of thousands of adventure travel professionals to gather, network, learn, grow, and partner. Through these events the adventure travel industry’s dedication to collaboration, sustainability, and creative partnerships has spanned continents creating a global connected network. Adventure travel companies around the world benefit from event mainstays like Marketplace, MediaExchange, inspiring keynotes, dedicated networking time, and of course adventure discovery in incredible destinations. The ATTA has now designed and held several successful virtual events to keep the industry connected and learning through this time. 

AdventureELEVATE - Virtual and In-Person

Two Events and Two Markets in 2021

AdventureELEVATE is an annual two-day intensive educational and networking conference that brings together thought-leaders and practitioners for inspiration, education and insights into the trends that shape our industry year-round. Like our popular Adventure Travel World Summit, ELEVATE has keynote speakers, concurrent sessions specific to the adventure market, and plenty of fun and fruitful creative networking sessions.

Connect virtually March 24 with our first ever European AdventureELEVATE event, or secure your partnership for the in-person US-based AdventureELEVATE in November 2021 in Sedona, Arizona.

Tomorrow's Air Convene

Connecting Climate Clever Travelers & Brands with Inspiration and Education

Tomorrow’s Air Convene: Climate Clever Travel, an event bringing together passionate, climate clever travelers with sustainable brands for inspiration, learning and connection. Travelers, along with future-focused sustainable brands, are invited to gain valuable insights, ideas and connections for their upcoming travel.

Learn more about ATTA’s Tomorrow’s Air Convene event and sign up for ATTA news to learn about the next Convene event.

Adventure Travel World Summit

Connect in person or virtually at our hybrid event in Hokkaido, Japan in September 2021

The Adventure Travel World Summit is back in 2021, with Hokkaido, Japan as our host.  More than just a conference, the Summit is a global gathering of an industry that works hard and plays hard, offering cutting-edge educational sessions, highly rated keynote speakers, a Day of Adventure, and endless networking and business opportunities. Learn more about the event, or secure your partnership today. Both in-person and virtual partnerships are available for exposure to a global audience.

AdventureConnect - In-Person or Online

Virtual + in-person networking in your region

These smaller, networking events offer our vibrant communities a chance to connect, network, and grow. These events are hosted locally in destinations or conferences where the adventure travel community naturally gathers, and during this time are offered virtually to ensure the industry stays connected. Partnership opportunities can vary from several minutes of speaking time to co-presenting on educational topics. 


Our deep access to the adventure travel industry and our understanding of today’s traveler allows us to offer practical strategies based on our knowledge of, and connection to, the entire supply chain.

AdventureWeek Destination Promotion

Access to key buyers, media, storytelling development, and distribution

Jumpstart your resilience strategy and plan for a late 2021 or 2022 AdventureWeek to showcase your destination to key buyers and media to attract adventure travelers. Customized package for promotion of your destination to key buyers, whether domestic, targeted international markets, or a global reach strategy, including advisory, 6+ months marketing campaign, and storytelling development and distribution.


ATTA Connects You with Buyers and Media in Your Target Markets

A custom package that provides adventure travel itinerary advisory, research, identification and confirmation of key target buyers and media, a custom application form, and ATTA management, marketing and promotion of the AdventureFAM to its global audience to increase destination awareness.  


Put your destination on the adventure map through regional development and promotion

Countries or regions that want to position themselves as attractive for their natural or cultural resources or unique activities may host an AdventureNEXT, which will offer local suppliers the chance to present themselves to international buyers and media. Strategic planning for a successful event takes time, secure your 2022 event dates now.


AdventureEDU provides training for governments, associations, and individual companies seeking to deliver the best adventure travel experiences in a safe and sustainable practice. From one-day in person training or online training courses for suppliers, to week-long classroom and in the field guide training programs, to short and easy to at your own pace online courses, a program with your needs in mind can be accessed or custom designed.

AdventureEDU In-Person Training Event

AdventureEDU programs are designed to advance the market preparedness of destinations, companies and entrepreneurs seeking positioning in the global adventure travel industry. The focus is placed entirely on the actions, solutions and tools that are relevant to the participants’ daily professional realities in the particular local context. The program content is tailored to your destination needs and level of preparedness of the audience.

AdventureEDU Online Training Event

Expect the same high caliber education and access to experts as our in-person events, but at a reduced rate and with the opportunity to work with small groups of attendees separately. Your destination will also save costs by not needing to provide for a venue or covering logistical costs. 

AdventureEDU Online Courses

The ATTA’s online education platform offers self paced courses in Safety and Risk Management Systems, Business Management, and Guide Training. Destinations can purchase bundles of online courses for their suppliers. Learn more about special bulk opportunities for destinations.

AdventurePRO - Standards, Training + Certification

Engaging in standard and certification work can stimulate the local supply chain and activate local stakeholders. Take this opportunity of low visitation numbers for your region’s stakeholders to take their skills, preparation, and knowledge to the next level and be resilient and ready for recovery and a new flow of travelers.


Educational Webinar Series: Post-COVID-19 Recovery

Help tour operators develop an organizational action plan to adjust to potential new realities. Participants will be divided into groups to share knowledge of their destination impacts, scenarios and timeframes. Three webinars discussing a Recovery Strategy with practical information and hands on solutions and interactive exercises. Webinars cover topics such as planning, understanding markets, and product adaption.


DestinationRESET is a specialised program that helps destination stakeholders
work together to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and prepare for recovery, while
building resilience to cope with future shocks.

The program offers advanced expert knowledge, facilitation, and mentorship on
smart destination management and will support destinations to reset on a path towards sustainable development, considering practical realities and local perspectives.


We see research as a tool in confirming strategies to help destinations manage their development (in the growth phases) and continuing evolution (for mature destinations). Our team knows the business of adventure from the ground up; we bring a powerful combination of quality research together with decades of earned knowledge. Presentation deliverables include rich graphics annotated with simple, straightforward text that is easy to understand and share, enabling quick buy-in from internal stakeholders and faster decision making.

Consumer Research

Destinations looking to understand current visitor experience; consumer during and post COVID perspective; personas, needs and wants of prospective destination clients; and size of their desired markets.

Adventure Tourism Technical Expertise Projects

Destinations and businesses seeking to develop projects with technical guidance can look to research focused on Safety Standards, Sustainability & Climate, Adventure Product.

Destination Competitiveness and Impact Assessment

Utilizing Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI) or Adventure Travel Local Analytics System (ATLAS) Economic Impact Modeling, dive into understanding your adventure tourism competitiveness or the economic impact of adventure tourism in your current landscape.

Travel Trade Research

Discover valuable perceptions of your destination from the global trade through research such as the “Destination Quickpoll.” Tap into the knowledge of businesses who are hearing from their travelers and understanding what questions, concerns, and comfort needs will be top of mind as travelers look to the future.


Whether you are looking to edit raw footage into a new video story and reach new travelers, or to send a storytelling team on the ground to develop high caliber video and photo materials, the ATTA can help. We offer custom packages for small to large scale marketing campaigns to get your content out to markets around the world. The focus is on high reach through paid social media campaigns, backed up by web, email, and social promotions through ATTA’s consumer channel, Adventure.Travel. The ATTA can also provide a trade marketing package to get your content out to industry professionals globally through both AdventureTravelNews and ATTA’s member only channels. 

Video and Story Development

Whether your destination needs creative and editing work for new messaging, or to send a storytelling team on the ground to develop high caliber video and photo materials from scratch, the ATTA can help. We offer custom packages based on your destination’s needs and budget. 

Content Distribution Packages

Tap into the ATTA’s market access with a meaningful promotion to travelers and the travel trade. Your destination’s story is meant to be shared, and the ATTA is equipped to get your brand presence firmly rooted in key source markets. Campaigns will be tailored to your marketing objective in order to maximize reach, visibility, and impact. View sample packages. 

Destination Webinars for Global Trade Professionals

Work with the ATTA to develop engaging and educational presentations to promote your destination to a global industry audience. Webinars are one hour long, including Q&A, and are recorded and shared for long term visibility. 

Destination Webinars or Videos for Consumers

Inspire the adventure travel consumer with video, photos, music, interviews with local guides. The ATTA can help you develop engaging and educational long form presentations to promote your destination. Length of the video or webinar and creative approach to the content affect the final cost. 


Utilizing the expertise of the ATTA team and our community of adventure travel industry experts, you may secure dedicated time with us on a monthly basis to support your strategic needs. 

Level 1

Looking for consistent expertise and advice from the ATTA? At this level you’ll meet regularly and get feedback on your strategy and receive support from a dedicated team member as you develop your recovery plans.

Level 2

At this level you’ll meet regularly with internal ATTA experts who will inform, create, advise, and create strategies along with you as you develop your recovery plans.

Level 3

Tapping into our extensive network we will develop an expert team that meets your needs to guide your recovery plans and create a strategy that builds and supports long term resilience into your destination’s strategy.


Get in touch! We are happy to collaborate with your destination to develop a solution that is best suited for your goals and your budget during this time.

Contact us at [email protected] 


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