AdventureEDU Case Study


In February 2016, Travel Alberta engaged the ATTA to conduct an AdventureEDU program that would provide a baseline from which to continue building the region’s adventure tourism market in a coordinated way, with an emphasis on safety. Participants included operators with decades of experience in the Rocky Mountain region, new companies just developing their adventure travel products, and tourism board members and government officials from Alberta.

ATTA’s AdventureEDU Solution

The ATTA presented a two session AdventureEDU event. The first day of the program opened with an overview of adventure industry trends, followed by a seminar on product development with an emphasis on new products for shoulder seasons. The second day focused on Safety and Risk Management for Adventure Travel Companies. The Adventure Community Building program emphasizes developing relationships and cohesion, and aligning on priorities to advance the adventure travel economy. The Safety and Risk program addresses why such management systems are central to business success, and provides step-by-step guidance for companies on implementing such a program.

The workshop was facilitated by Jean-Claude Razel, ATTA AdventureEDU instructor, and founder of Alaya Expedições, and Dan Austin, ATTA AdventureEDU instructor and founder of Austin Adventures, as well as ATTA’s Hilary Lewkowitz.


As a result of the two-day training participants gained awareness of:

  • Safety preparation and risk management, and guidelines around how to build a risk assessment for different products
  • Focusing on quality and sustainability, rather than numbers
  • The importance of networking and partnerships among fellow companies, and a unified voice among the industry
  • How to assess resources and construct distinctive adventure travel experiences
  • To host future working group gatherings and ATTA AdventureEDU workshops in the near future

“We had new industry partners either in the planning stages or early stages of building that were able to take away a lot of information and real examples that will assist them to get their product ready. We anticipate some of these Alberta partners to be ready for business in their next upcoming season.” – Bart Donnelly, Business Development Director, Canada, USA & Europe, Travel Alberta

“I recently had the opportunity to attend Alberta’s first AdventureEDU event and it was such a great way to spend two days. The first day was a beneficial way to look at experiences we already offer, and how we might tweak them to make them even more memorable for our guests. But the second day was particularly helpful in reviewing the safety aspects for our adventures, so each of our guests can be comfortable at whatever they perceive their level of risk to be. Of course, the networking opportunities were abundantly encouraging! Anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of the ATTA’s events like this, should. Beautiful location, delicious food, highly informative, experienced speakers, and above all – FUN! Thanks ATTA, and Travel Alberta for the opportunity!” – Shirley Zelman, Co-Owner, Grand Rapids Wilderness Adventures

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