AdventureEDU Case Study

Saudi Arabia


Along with other Middle Eastern governments, Saudi Arabia is looking to build its adventure tourism market as a business sector with appeal and growth potential for its large youth population, and as a source of economic development as the number of adventure travelers worldwide continues to grow.

The Supreme Commission for Tourism in Saudi Arabia requested a training course to raise the knowledge and understanding of adventure tourism among travel businesses and government agency staff. The Commission specifically requested information and tools for the development of adventure tourism products, as well as marketing strategies and public policies.


ATTA’s AdventureEDU Solution

The ATTA and UNWTO/Themis Foundation collaborated to develop a five-day workshop for 80 participants from five countries.


Day 1

General Understanding and Explanations about Adventure Tourism

  • Definition
  • Key activities
  • Businness models and primary stakeholders


Day 2

Product Development

  • Developing adventure travel from the destination management perspective
  • Developing adventure travel from the tour operator perspective: how to find and define a target market, creating adventure tourism products according to three main stages: concept, operations and commercializing.


Day 3

Field Trip

The workshop included a field trip in which participants had the opportunity to conceptualize new products for specific recreation areas.


Day 4

Marketing and Public Policies

  • Distribution Channels
  • Internet Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Local and Regional Partnerships
  • Necessary Public Policies
  • Standards and Regulation
  • Advocacy methods for accomplishing the necessary public policies


Day 5

Team Product Presentations and Conclusions

  • New adventure tourism products for the region were presented
  • Concluding discussion about next steps for market development



  • Participants new to the field of adventure travel gained information to help them consider how they might integrate adventure aspects into their existing itineraries.
  • Experienced adventure activity guides gained information and tools to support their efforts to develop adventure tourism businesses.
  • Government agency staff responsible for tourism learned about the potential of the adventure tourism market segment and what the development and management of the sector would require

Participant Feedback
“The AdventureEDU program delivered by ATTA provided useful information to a very heterogenous range of participants from multiple countries and with varying interests in the subject – from policy makers to tour operators and guides. It was an important step forward for the continued development of the adventure sector in the region.” – Sonia Figueras, UNWTO/THEMIS

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