Beatriz Barreal

Founder and President
Sustainable Riviera Maya

Beatriz Barreal Danel is the Founder and President at Sustainable Riviera Maya. She has been involved in Communication, Branding and Marketing for +25 years. Barreal’s passion for sustainability has led her to be an innovator in Sustainability Management for marketing and international relations. Linker of actions and strategies between OMT | UN | UNCTAD | EMPRETEC | GSTC leaders and authorities, leaders and key stakeholders in Riviera Maya.

Fundraiser towards Destination Sustainability in Riviera Maya. Main promotor of the Global Criteria Adoption for the Destination – 2014. Main promotor for EARTHCHECK’s DESTINATION CERTIFICATION PROCESS – 2016. Since 2009, has dedicated her time to the success of Sustainable Riviera Maya, linking international organisms with local, state and federal government, with academia, ngo’s and entrepeneurs of the area. In the social inclusiveness area, she developed a business model, based upon ILO’s Community Principles, to join key stakeholders and develop the First Sacred Mayan Bee’s House in Riviera Maya. In a joint venture with Banyan Tree Mayakoba, she implements concrete actions towards sustainability, as tree donations, new Social and Responsible Tourism Projects –like BEE PART OF THE MELIPONA COMMUNITY- empowering communities thru the creation of value chains, based upon fair trade principles. She has developed an strategy fostering the local production and empowerment on local hadcrafts, thru K’IWIK,

She is also responsible for developing marketing strategies, branding and communication in the corporate field. From 1989 to nowadays, she runs Beatriz Barreal Consultancy and from 1993-2000, used to be the Founder and CEO of Neographika Inc.

Additionally, from 1995-2009 Beatriz supported locally based NGO’s in the State of Quintana Roo. Supporting environmental conservation, empowering woman and indigenous groups, and addressing issues concerning teenagers in risk categories, due to domestic conditions and health. For 11 years Beatriz was a Board Member for the AMIGOS DE SIAN KA’AN Assoc, developing corporate image, creating a corporate communication strategy, and running fundraising and communication campaigns. Created and developed the FIRST RESPONSIBLE REAL ESTATE SUMMIT, Riviera Maya – 2011. Created and developed the FIRST INSTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE TOURISM CONGRESS, Tulum 2012.

Setting up a Workshop on Global Criteria with GSTC Authorities, hold in Riviera Maya, dec 1 – 3th., 2014. As a consequence, Nov 9-13th, 2015, with Federal Government, The State of Guanajuato and GSTC, we ran the Second GSTC Workshop in México. September 2015, she was elected as a Board Member for GSTC. During the World Investment Forum, UNCTAD, Geneva, Switzerland, participated in a round table on EMPOWERMENT and success case: Women in the Mayan Communities, Oct. 17, 2014, at Le Palais de Nations.

One of the signatories UNESCO-BIOSPHERE-GSTC Sustainable Destinations Community, Barcelona, 2014. She dedicated efforts for making Sustainable Tourism the primary engine for development and wealth; and the engine of peace; preserving at the same time, natural capital-treasures, local culture and society, as providing a linking platform that encourages seminars, congresses, encounters, processes, training and certifications, in sustainable strategies, solutions and actions in the Riviera Maya, aligned to international standards and knowledge. Creator and GM for Council for Sustainability – Riviera Maya. Fosterer for Earthcheck-Local University alliance towards applied research in Tourism.


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