Jim Coffey

Jim Coffey of Esprit Whitewater is internationally recognized for adventure guide training. He is the Director of Esprit Whitewater operating programs in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Costa Rica as well as W.I.L.D (The Whitewater Intensive Leadership Development school). He hosts the award winning video series Rescue for River Runners and provides Wilderness Medical Training for Solo Schools. For the prestigious outdoor leadership school, NOLS, Jim delivers risk management evaluations as well as NOLS instructor training workshops.

Jim has a passion for adventure and the travel industry but above all enjoys working with entrepreneurs and guides to help them improve their training standard, risk management, human resource management and ecological footprint.

In addition to his field skills Jim brings the benefit of experience from twenty five years of working as an entrepreneur in adventure travel. He has worked in all parts of the world and is a strong advocate and voice for the preservation of wilderness regions and habitat. He values the integration of local traditions/culture into quality adventures.

Jim’s passion for sharing wilderness adventures drives his product development philosophy, which has at its foundation the belief that most barriers to participation can be broken down. He strongly believes that adventure travel should be accessible to everyone regardless of physical or neurological challenges. His program Whitewater Healing and =AXS (Equal Access) allow everyone to share in his adventures.

Jim’s first hand experience, affable personality and out-side-the-box strategies make him a valuable asset to the ATTA educator community.


  • Product Development
  • Guide Training
  • Safety/Rescue Training and Evacuations
  • Safety, Risk and Crisis Management
  • Advocacy
  • Accessibility
  • Sustainability
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