John Connelly

John is an outdoor industry safety and risk management consultant who specializes in all aspects of commercial adventure recreation with over 40 years of experience in the USA and Europe. He was among the first to develop adventure-based businesses and scale up operations to multiple states and international destinations. In management for over a decade at L.L.Bean, Inc., he developed the L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools’ courses, trips and tours, standard operating procedures, risk management practices, a team of over 350 employees, scaling to 10 states and 34 locations hosting over 26,000 guests annually while consistently achieving the highest customer satisfaction scores in the company with an admirable safety record. An experienced and motivating leader, mentor and role model, he is committed to conservation, stewardship and sustainable practices creating inspired and memorable experiences for guests and employees.


  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Problem Solving and Crisis Management
  • Product Development and Itinerary Design
  • Branded Experiences
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Workplace Satisfaction
  • Operations and General Management
  • Staff Training
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