John McKeon

Polar Latitudes


  • Sales training
  • Customer service training
  • Professional Development

Representative Past Clients

John has designed training programs for the following:

Abercrombie & Kent – I created the company sales and service training module and later began “A&K University”, offering programs in multiple disciplines and offering college credit with a local institution.

iExplore – sales and service training as well as agent training programs and professional development

Backroads – Sales Training

Mountain Travel Sobek – Sales Training

Quark Expeditions – Sales/service training as well as overall responsibility for professional development

Training Client Testimonial Quote

“John presented a multi-session sales training program for our sales, marketing and client service teams.  The program was fun and interesting, and it resulted in a demonstrated increase in productivity and excitement in our teams.  We were thrilled.”

Kevin Callaghan, President and CEO, Mountain Travel Sobek

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