Kirsi Hyvaerinen

Kirsi works with destination management organisations, associations, NGOs, small and medium-sized businesses, international development agencies, local and national governments.

Prior to founding PRÁTTO Consulting in Montenegro, Kirsi worked as B2B marketer for Latin American destinations and SME (1995-1998), further as a regional DMO director in the Black Forest, supporting new nature based and cultural tourism development.
In her role as senior advisor (2006 – 2013) to the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, Kirsi worked closely with the NTO management and team, linking with hundreds of national and international stakeholders and partners. Her particular focus as consultant and coach was capacity building, organizational change and market access of new tourism products (e.g. “Wilderness Hiking and Biking Montenegro”, “Peaks of the Balkans”) with local tourism organisations and new adventure tourism entrepreneurs. She has thorough experience working with governments, destinations, small businesses, NGOs, international organizations, and associations in the Western Balkans, Latin America and Asia.

In her former position as a specialist of Travel, Leisure and Tourism at KPMG Consulting (later BearingPoint) Kirsi worked 2001-2008 with a diverse range of clients, from leading travel technology providers to emerging destinations. Under her project management since 2002, the VDR Business Travel Report Germany continues to deliver representative facts and trends on occupational mobility.

Kirsi is a regular guest lecturer at European universities specializing on sustainable development, tourism management and marketing. She holds a degree in Business Administration (Tourism Management and Marketing) from Heilbronn University, Germany. Born on the Arctic Circle and raised in Finland, she loves the great outdoors – hiking, cycling, horseback riding, backcountry skiing …all seasons´ adventures, touring with friends and her dog Vanja. Since 2006, her basecamp is in Montenegro.


  • Tourism strategy development, implementation and monitoring
  • Consulting and training to SME and young professionals in tourism
  • Change management and performance improvement in destinations at local, regional and national level
  • Community based tourism development
  • Coaching direction, policy and strategy
  • Mentoring of daily operations and their optimization
  • Putting market intelligence to work
  • Development of regional and national e-portals; e-learning concepts
  • International marketing of destinations and businesses, B2B and B2C

Representative Past Clients

  • National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro
  • Montenegro Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism
  • CSTI, Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives
  • DEG, The German Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation
  • Development Foundation of Armenia and the Ministry of Economy
  • Danube Competence Center and the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia
  • Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism
  • EU / IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro
  • GIZ, The German Society for International Cooperation
  • Sichuan Province Tourism Authority, China
  • Yellow Railroad International Destination Consultancy
  • UHPA, Association of Croatian Travel Agencies
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