Manal Kelig

Executive Director — Middle East & North Africa
Adventure Travel Trade Association

Dr. Manal Kelig is the Executive Director – ATTA MENA region and the Co-Founder of GWE companies. Manal received her BA & Ph.D. degrees in Tourism & Egyptology from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management in Cairo. Manal has a wide range of experience as a historian, Tourism development expert and entrepreneur. Manal focuses on expanding the reach and impact of her work through developing and facilitating networking and professional growth opportunities with various travel organizations, media contacts, tourism boards and their representatives at all levels. Manal’s diversified and extensive skills led her to consult for many leading development organizations on sustainable tourism development, and cultural heritage preservation. Along the years, Manal became passionate about connecting with talented people of different backgrounds and assisting them to act on their ideas. Manal’s ultimate goal is to expand the reach and impact of her diversified work to raise awareness of the full potential of the Tourism industry where all players recognize opportunities and responsibilities alike, and to act accordingly so that their actions leave a positive mark on the society in which they operate and ensure its sustainability.

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