Richard Weiss

Strategic Travel Consulting

Richard has been working in the active/adventure travel world for over thirty years. Starting as a bicycle tour guide for Butterfield & Robinson in the early 80s, he eventually became their Director of European Operations. Subsequent positions have included president of Vermont Country Cyclers international division, COO of Backroads, CEO of Mountain Travel Sobek, and President of the Eco-adventure Platform for Grand Expeditions with responsibility for five member companies, including International Expeditions and Country Walkers.

As the principal in Strategic Travel Consulting for the past twelve years, Richard has focused on offering practical business-oriented solutions in leadership development, team building, strategic planning, state-of-the-art customer service, and itinerary development, all with an emphasis on creating “values-driven” workplaces. Clients include both for-profit and non-profit organizations such as Disney, Austin Lehman Adventures, Quark Expeditions and Conservation International.

When not consulting in the active/adventure travel space, Richard maintains an executive coaching practice working one-on-one with CEOs and other C-suite executives developing leadership, communication, and other professional skills.

In addition, Richard sits on a number of advisory boards including the ATTA, Sustainable Travel International, Xola Inc., Travelfutures, National Parks Revealed, and The Ethical Traveler, and is the chair of the Travel Committee for the Commonwealth Club of California. Previous pro bono activities include, among others, board of advisor roles for Environmental Traveling Companions and The International Ecotourism Society.


  • Operations
  • Management skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Product development
  • Customer service
  • Productivity
  • Team building and communications
  • Coaching executives on overall effectiveness

Representative Past Clients

Austin Lehman; Adventures by Disney; Country Walkers; Quark Expeditions; numerous executive coaching clients (one on one).

Training Client Testimonial Quote

Dan Austin, President, Austin Lehman Adventures.

“I have known Richard since the mid 90’s from travel circles. Can’t think of anyone I, or any I know in the industry, hold in higher regard. I find his strengths are vast. Sales procedures and training are strong suits. Training management on how to get to higher margins another.”

John McKeon VP, Passenger Services, Quark Expeditions

“Richard exercised great positive influence on our entire company with a workshop on how to best function as a highly effective team. Productivity, staff communications, and plain old basic team spirit all benefited enormously from his user-friendly mentoring.”

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