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An adventure travel company’s most important asset is also the dimension that carries the most risk – the people who guide your customers and are the human face of your organization. As the industry matures, the expected standards of safety and high quality guiding increases among travelers, destination leaders and the media.

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is helping to raise the bar for professional adventure travel guides. In addition to being networked with the most respected tour operators, outfitters, and media, the ATTA is also leading the industry working group charged with creating the first internationally recognized guide qualification and performance standard.

ATTA is proud to make Guide Training available through its AdventureEDU program. This program has been developed by the professional guides, trainers, and adventure travel operators at the forefront of shaping guide standards.

Immersion Field Training for Adventure Travel Guides

This five day course immerses intermediate and experienced guides in authentic guiding scenarios to help learn and practice skills. With a maximum ratio of twenty participants to two instructors, guides are provided training through a combination of lecture, discussion, and practice in the following subjects:

  • General Technical and Safety Skills
  • Group Management
  • Natural and Cultural History Interpretation
  • Sustainability

Who can take this course?

This course is designed for acting adventure travel guides who are already experienced at an intermediate to advanced level. This instruction:

  • Requires good physical condition
  • Requires good interpersonal and relationship skills
  • Requires personal equipment (list will be provided)

Immersion Field Training Benefits

  • Elevate the capacity of local guides to deliver professional, engaging, and delightful experiences for guests
  • Gain confidence that your destination’s guides have been trained to the highest standard for the full range of skills necessary for adventure travel guiding
  • Gain credibility with travelers  – only ATTA’s adventure travel guide training incorporates group management and interpretative skills along with safety and technical skills


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