Detailed Training Schedule

The weekly training is broken down as follows:


Weekly Schedule Audience / Skill Level Duration
Day 1 Guides / Intermediate
  • Introduction/presentation/logistics/get together activity
  • General Technical skills: introducing risk analysis and safety management
  • General Technical skills: local meteorology and natural phenomena
  • Risk Analysis: practical case preparation
  • Navigation theory: Preparing Trek.
8 hours
Day 2 Owners & Guides / Intermediate
  • Customer service: Exceeding Expectations
  • Group Management
8 hours
Day 3 Guides / Intermediate
  • Trek to camp site. Navigation practice
  • Natural and cultural history interpretation and interpretative techniques I
  • Camp installation
  • Sustainability: leave no trace practices
  • Case study: camp installation debrief
8 hours
Day 4 Owners & Guides / Intermediate
  • Natural and cultural history interpretation and interpretative techniques II
  • Sustainability: leave no trace practices.
  • Dismantling camp and trek back to base camp
8 hours
Day 5 Guides/ Intermediate
  • First aid and rescue overview: the guide’s role in the medical care of clients
  • Review / Summary / Tests / Feedback
8 hours


Immersion Field Training for Adventure Travel Guides

We have organized the training so the greatest number of guides could be instructed at a high quality level in the five critical pillars of excellent Adventure Tour Guiding:

  • General Technical and Safety Skills
  • Group Management
  • Natural and Cultural History Interpretation
  • Sustainability

Our package for up to 20 participants is $33,000 USD. More trainers and guides can be added for additional cost.

None of our guide training competitors have a program developed specifically for adventure tour guides, and the comparable market training offers only select aspects of the program we have created. Contact us for more information.

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