Course Descriptions

Safety and Risk Management for Adventure Travel Tour Operators

The is an introductory course providing a discussion of why safety and risk management is important for adventure travel companies and how to put a safety and risk management plan into practice.

  • Learn about standards and guidelines for safe and sustainable adventure tour operation
  • Learn about types of regulatory approaches to safety management in use worldwide
  • Learn how safety management can serve as a competitive advantage for destination
  • Learn frameworks for qualifying industry participants on risk management
  • Learn the fundamentals of a Safety Management System
  • Learn the process of documenting risk exposure
  • Learn how to create risk management plan for an adventure travel company

Adventure Destination Marketing

This course teaches participants how to work together to develop their destination as an adventure destination, marketing and delivering adventure travel trips regionally and internationally.

  • Learn from successful tourism brands: brand success factors = identity, messaging, emotional benefits
  • Review case study analysis of destination brands, review characteristics of successful brands
  • Examine examples illustrating how private companies and tourism boards and/or destination marketing organizations cooperate to build awareness and interest in travel to new adventure destinations

Group Work: Discuss iconic features of your destination. Explore possibilities for your destination’s adventure brand and message.

Adventure Trends and Concepts

This course covers:

  • Adventure Travel Definition
  • Brief history of commercial adventure travel
  • Global market size and growth
  • Overview of trends in product development and necessary elements to be competitive
  • Travel Demographics

Adventure Travel Product Development Level 1

This course covers:

  • How to identify the key attributes of excellent adventure travel trips
  • How to appraise your destination’s current product in comparison with competitive offers
  • Review current products sold in the region and how to improve them
  • Detailed instruction for how to construct adventure travel itineraries; case study review
  • How to identify opportunities for regional collaboration
  • Group exercise: build adventure packages

Adventure Travel Product Development Level 2

The course provides instruction in:

  • How to hire and train staff to deliver an incredible product
  • The 4 Critical Behaviors underpinning product delivery excellence
  • The 4 Critical Moments necessary to deliver world-class experiences
  • The philosophy of kaizen applied to adventure travel: ongoing iteration and improvement
  • Ensuring consistent information and communication

Adventure Travel Product Development Level 3

The course provides instruction in designing adventure specialist experiences including:

  • Team building events
  • Adventure Races (or similar events)
  • Expeditions
  • Learning courses (cookery, music or painting)
  • Working with school groups
  • Disabilities groups
  • Urban adventures

Case studies and practice exercises enhance the conceptual discussion. Participants learn how to stage these kinds of tours, how to balance activity with free time, requirements for special guiding or facilitation, special equipment needs, skills

Business Management for Adventure Travel Ground Suppliers

The course provides instruction in:

  • Understanding the structure of business for adventure travel companies: travel agents, tour operators, ground suppliers
  • Introduction and practice using tools and proven approaches for calculating and monitoring sales structure and flow, cost structure and flow, marketing and commissions
  • Techniques to achieve profit targets
  • The five drivers of profit
  • Managing for peak and “shoulder” seasons – the benefits and challenges of year-round versus seasonal operations

The course includes up to eight practical exercises in which participants immediately practice applying the concepts and tools offered in the lecture.

Adventure Roadmap for Destination Development

This lecture provides participants with a vision for your destination’s tourism industry, might evolve in the coming years as a result of training, product development and marketing efforts.

Case study examples are provided, illustrating the successes and challenges faced by other regions, countries and destinations on the adventure market development trajectory.

Marketing Strategies and Tactics

This course provides instruction in understanding the fundamental components of a successful marketing plan and how to create and systematically implement an integrated marketing campaign, using multiple channels.
Topics include:

  • Integrated marketing campaigns || SEO || Email campaigns
  • Managing social media to deliver tangible results for your business or region. Case study examples of successful campaigns
  • Media relations and P.R. || Tactics to win international trade partners
  • Networking & Trade Associations, the value of consortiums, regional and local adventure/active focused associations

Meet the Markets: Selling Successfully to International Partners

This course encompasses a set of soft skills which are very important for the success of an adventure company and are easily overlooked by people who are new in the adventure industry.

The course covers:

  • Distinct stages of selling and how to ascend through each stage successfully
  • Best practices for sales including effective listening, how to anticipate customer needs, and provide consistent follow through in communications
  • Demonstrate capability; present information effectively, deal with objections
  • Obtain commitment: agreeing on action to “advance the sale”
  • Participate in interactive role play

Adventure Community Builder

This one or two day program combines an adventure tourism industry brief with facilitated group networking and strategic planning to bolster your region’s adventure travel offering. Participants will work closely with regional peers and leave with both short and long term action plans.

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