International Adventure Travel Guide Qualification and Performance Standard

In an effort to support the industry as it continues to expand and professionalize, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) has initiated the Adventure Travel Guide Qualification and Performance Standard.

View the adventure travel industry’s first ever Adventure Travel Guide Qualification and Performance Standard.

The volunteer industry working group facilitated by the Adventure Travel Trade Association developed the standard between the months of November 2014 and January 2016. Working group participants came from 15 countries and included guides, business owners, and industry partners. View the full list of participants.

This standard is offered to the industry as a voluntary guideline. It is not enforced or regulated by the ATTA or any other organization.

Governments, destination managers, and company owners are encouraged to refer to this standard when evaluating the quality and performance of their own guides and determining appropriate training programs. Both new and experienced guides may refer to the standard as benchmark for evaluating their own performance.

How You Can Support the Adventure Travel Guide Standard

Companies, guides and destination managers are encouraged to review the standard and officially sign the document, signaling their support and intention to adhere to the best practice components of adventure travel guiding. To sign your name to the standard, please fill out the form below.

Support the Guide Standard

See the List of Signatories

Guide Certification Program Submission Form

Would you like to submit information relevant to the adventure travel guide standard? You may submit information about adventure travel guide certifications and/or training programs you would like to share with the adventure travel community.

Share Information

Nominations for Guide Standard Governance Board

The Adventure Travel Guide Standard Governance Board is a volunteer group made up of guides and industry professionals whose purpose is to ensure and oversee the ongoing maintenance of The Adventure Travel Guide Qualifications & Performance Standard. The responsibilities of the governance board include:

  • Conducting outreach throughout the world informing businesses and governments about the standard
  • Assisting in efforts to implement the standard
  • Accepting, documenting and incorporating relevant feedback and suggestions


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