ATTA Destination Showcase Webinar: Luxembourg - At the Heart of Nature

15 October 2020 @ 8:00 AM PDT / 15:00 UTC
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A captivating country at the heart of Europe, Luxembourg has a remarkable cultural, culinary and outdoors offer and its cosmopolitan capital is the seat of many EU institutions. Small but diverse, Luxembourg is a melting pot of urban culture, fantastic scenery, tradition and modernity. There are wonders around every corner including nature parks, medieval castles, and hiking and cycling trails, not to mention an array of local products to enjoy and an excellent international cuisine. The Moselle valley allures visitors with its enchanting vineyards and winding river and the Mullerthal and Éislek enthral outdoors enthusiasts looking for adventure. Known to delight nature lovers, historians, cyclists, and oenophiles, Luxembourg is a beautiful country with a rich heritage, an open mind, and full of wonderful surprises. Join us for a destination showcase with one of ATTA’s newest partners to learn about Luxembourg’s adventure opportunities such as:

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the City of Luxembourg, The Family of Man Exhibition (UNESCO World Documentary Heritage), The Hopping Procession in Echternach (UNESCO Intangible Heritage);
  • Leading Quality “Best of Europe” Walking & Hiking Trails such as The Mullerthal Trail, The Escapardenne Trail & Certified Dream Loops in the Luxembourgish Moselle Region;
  • Local products including cheese, mustard, wine, beer, cider

Main Photo © Rostislav Rousev

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