Free ATTA Destination Showcase: Peru’s Mysterious Amazonas Region

25 July 2017 @ 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC

The Amazonas region of Peru is renowned for cloud forests, alpine tundra ecosystems, and intricate microclimates. It is home to orchids, Andean bears and archaeological enigmas such as of Kuélap, the citadel built between the Andes and the jungle. Tombs and sarcophagi are strewn throughout and there is a legacy of the Chachapoya culture that once reigned here. Set against mansions and colonial balconies and a landscape of lakes and gigantic waterfalls like Gocta and Yumbilla, this destination has endless possibilities. The White Mountain Range — the Cordillera Blanca — with elevations between 3,100 and 4,650 meters (10,1716 and 15,256 feet), also beckons the adventure traveler. Through challenging treks, guests in this region come face-to-face with breathtaking landscapes from snowcapped peaks to cloud forests while learning about ancient civilizations that inhabited this environment 2,000 years before the Incas. What was once an inhospitable region is now full of comfort and coziness as you rest your tired feet in boutique hotels each night. In this free educational webinar, participants will get a sneak peek at:

  • Trekking, soft adventure and cultural experiences in the Amazonas and Cordillera Blanca regions
  • New destinations ripe for adventure travel such as a cable car to Kuélap, Kuélap Fortress, Gocta Falls and more
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