Oh Dear! Now What? Turning a Crisis to Your Advantage

20 May 2014 @ 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC
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It's not fun to think about - but bad things happen to good organizations. When those bad things happen, you have a choice - run and hide, or do what smart organizations do, and use it as an opportunity to build trust, credibility, and profitability. Presenter Jeff Chatterton has researched the top ways a tour company can end up in a crisis. He'll share his top seven, and explain how to turn those damaging headlines around to your advantage. Jeff Chatterton is an ATTA member and crisis communications consultant. His consulting company, Checkmate Public Affairs, works with travel and tourism companies who are concerned about the effects of negative headlines. Chatterton has worked with tour operators in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe on everything from climbing accidents, balloon crashes and shark attacks.


Jeff Chatterton

Checkmate Public Affairs

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