There’s Nothing Like Australia — Free ATTA Destination Showcase Webinar

30 January 2019 @ 10:00 AM PST / 18:00 UTC

In the first of the ATTA 2019 destination showcase webinar series about adventures in Australia, get a high level overview of experiences available across the spectrum of this continent nation. Learn about the world’s oldest living culture, find out about unforgettable wildlife experiences in unique natural environments, aquatic and coastal gems including beaches, reefs, islands and outback waterways, and whet your appetite with seasonal and local cuisine enjoyed in stunning locations with world-class wines.

Specifically focused toward adventure media, travel advisors and tour operators, this webinar will provide:

  • Facts and figures about travel to Australia
  • Tips for creating incredible itineraries for adventure travelers
  • Knowledge and resources available to the trade for deeper education

The webinars following this first overview will provide a closer look at a diverse range of activities including multi-day hikes, authentic indigenous experiences, wildlife encounters, and fishing adventures throughout Australia.

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