This is Nicaragua

18 June 2020 @ 9:00 AM PDT / 16:00 UTC
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In today’s serious environment of virus fears, travel restrictions and uncertainty, we know that getting reliable and current information about a destination, from people on the ground is super valuable. Join this webinar with the representatives of Visit Nicaragua and a representative of Vapues, a long-term ATTA member, who operates in this beautiful destination.

As the largest country in Central America, Nicaragua offers unique and unforgettable experiences for visitors looking for something different. From culture, nature, and colonial cities to adventure activities, stunning beaches, delicious food and more. Nicaraguans are characterized by being hardworking, hospitable and very friendly. With 26 volcanoes and countless natural destinations, travelers can discover rivers, lakes, and natural jungles all the way from the Caribbean to the Pacific Coast. With a wide assortment of landscapes and habitats that allow for many types of vegetation and animal species to flourish, Nicaragua is proud of its tremendous ecological diversity offering more than 70 unique eco-systems. In Nicaragua you will discover 7% of the world’s biodiversity. Join this destination showcase webinar to learn why Nicaragua is considered “the lungs of Central America”.


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