Adventure Means Business

200 adventure travel industry professionals from 18 countries gathered from June 5th to the 7th for the second AdventureELEVATE in the stunning region of Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean, near Québec City.

From customer service to destination branding, food tourism to SnapChat, market research, how to get funding and how to work with travel agents, plenary and concurrent sessions took the audience all over the map and all over the theme “Adventure Means Business.” Each session presented an innovative way that destinations, operations and the industry as a whole is moving away from a sense of place and more toward the creation of experience.

AdventureELEVATE 2016 Video

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Delegates explored Saguenay, Quebéc during a Day of Adventure before AdventureELEVATE
AdventureELEVATE delegates accessed key learnings from plenary sessions, especially tailored to the North American travel trade



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