• 7-9 Nov 2018
  • Campo Grande, MS, Brazil
  • Price: $800 USD
    Business Member Price: $500 USD
    Marketplace: $850 USD

Traveler Information


As with all ATTA events, the attire is ‘Adventure Casual’. Adventure Casual describes jeans or pants with a shirt or fleece, on occasion you may see a sport jacket or very casual dress.


Average weather in November in Campo Grande, Brazil: Daily high temperatures are around 88°F/ 31°C, rarely falling below 80°F/26.6°C or exceeding 95°F/35°C. Daily low temperatures are around 70°F/21°C, rarely falling below 64°F/17.7°C or exceeding 75°F/24°C.


Electricity in Campo Grande is 110V, with a frequency of 60Hz. Wall outlets typically accommodate N-type plug and connectors.

Please check with the hotel you will be staying at for additional information on internet connectivity.

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