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Flight Carry-on

Note: We depart Lima very early in the morning on April 2. Therefore if you experience lost luggage, it is a high likelihood that it will take several days to catch up with us. Therefore, it is important you carry key items with you on the plane so that you can participate in the trip without your main luggage.

  • Daypack
  • Valid passport
  • Copy of complete flight itinerary (also save a copy online)
  • Copy of applicable travel/medical insurance, including number and contact information (also save a copy online)
  • Debit Card
  • Credit cards (more than one)
    **We suggest you to have a record of your number in case of loss or theft.**
  • Cash (Hard currency such as US$ or Euros; new, clean bills)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Medication, if applicable
  • Change of clothing in which you can hike in case luggage is lost
  • Your Hiking boots, insulating jacket, rain jacket, hat, gloves
  • Small toiletry bag (Toothbrush/Toothpaste, deodorant, etc)


  • Luggage (1 Piece, Leave at Hotel While Trekking)
  • Luggage Tags and Locks (2)
  • Day Pack (21L-35L)
  • Day Pack Rain Cover
  • Extra Small Duffel Bag (No Wheels or Rigid Frames) for overnight trek. Will be carried by pack animals.


  • Casual Clothing for Travel and Town Wear (Lightweight, Easily Washable)
  • Base Layer Tops and Bottoms (Midweight, Synthetic)
  • Tee-shirts (synthetic or wool, quick drying)
  • Hiking Pants (Quick dry, Lightweight)
  • Fleece Pants,optional (for refugio)
  • Waterproof/windproof Jacket & Pants
  • Fleece/Wool Jacket
  • Down/Synthetic insulating jacket
  • Fleece/Wool Gloves or mittens
  • Fleece/Wool Liner Gloves
  • Fleece/Wool Hat
  • Sun Hat
  • Sleepwear


  • Walking shoes – comfortable, casual for travel/town wear
  • Hiking boots – supportive, good tread, and waterproof
  • Hiking Socks (Synthetic or Wool)
  • Camp shoes (optional, for Refugio)
  • Ankle Gaiters, optional

Personal accessories

  • Sport Sunglasses
  • Sunblock and Lip Balm (30 SPF)
  • Bandana
  • Headlamp with Fresh Batteries (for Refugio)
  • Water Bottles (Two 1-Quart) or Hydration System Plus One 1-Quart Water Bottle
  • Travel Towel, quick drying/lightweight (for Refugio)
  • Travel Sleep Sheet (silk or microfiber) – for Refugio
  • Personal Bathroom Kit: Toilet Paper (TP), Ziplock Bags (separate for Dirty TP/Clean TP), Hand Wipes, Hand Sanitizer (must not leave TP in the wilderness)
  • Personal First Aid Kit/Medications (Lightweight)
  • Blister kit – highly recommended
  • Toiletries
  • Trekking Poles (collapsible), optional but highly recommended
  • Ear plugs/Eye mask (for Refugio)
  • Electrical Plug Adapter and Converter
  • Water Purification Drops/Tablets/Filter, optional but recommended to avoid single use plastic
  • Camera and Accessories
  • External battery charger
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