• 16-19 Oct 2017
  • Salta, Argentina
  • Price: $1750 USD
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Traveler Information

Pre-Summit Adventures

Argentina’s tour operators have thoughtfully crafted three to seven-day itineraries featuring a combination of iconic landscapes and sites, off-the-beaten path places, distinctive experiences, and active adventures available in Argentina. Take the opportunity to explore an area of Argentina before the Summit on a Pre-Summit Adventure.

All ATWS delegates are invited to enjoy one of many Pre-Summit Adventures, ranging from three days to seven days, for the discounted rate offered by the tour operator. A limited number of buyers, travel advisors, and media are eligible for a hosted Pre-Summit Adventure. Details on how to apply to be hosted on a PSA can be found on the PSA web page.

Day of Adventure

All registered delegates are invited to participate on the Day of Adventure in Salta on, Monday, October 16th, free of charge. Day of Adventure itineraries will be available to book in mid-June and are available of a first come first served basis.


Electricity in Argentina is 220 Volts – two round pin plugs are used.

If your device plug has a different shape, you will need to bring a plug adapter. If your device does not accept 220 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.

Please check with the hotel you will be staying at for additional information on internet connectivity. There will be free WiFi internet access during the Summit at the Dena’ina Conference Center


The temperature in Salta for the month of October averages highs of 80°F/26°C and lows of 53°F/12°C. It is best to wear layers and bring a light coat.


As with all Adventure Travel World Summits, the attire is ‘Adventure Casual’. Adventure Casual means jeans or pants with a shirt or fleece, on occasion you may see a sport jacket or very casual dress. An additional warmer jacket or sweater is recommended for the cool evenings.


It’s important to have Argentine Peso in Argentina (for shopping or gratuity for tour guides or servers). There are exchange desks in the EZE and AEP airports, banks and exchange desks in the city of Salta, and ATMs in both places. Credit cards are only accepted in major stores and hotels. It’s advisable to bring cash in USD or EUR with you for exchange or to use an ATM when you arrive.

Mobile Phone Connectivity

The airports and most hotels will have wifi available. If you’d like to pick up a SIM card for data connectivity outside of wifi, look for the companies of “Personal,” “Claro,” or “Movistar” in the airport or city of Salta. You can also inquire with your tour operator.

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