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Active Adventures - New Zealand
Active Adventures are a New Zealand based operator specializing in active fully guided group trips focussed on hiking, biking and kayaking. With over 25 years in the industry we have established supplier relationships, over 180 trail permits throughout New Zealand, highly trained guides with an emphasis on high service, robust health and safety plans, all practiced through responsible tourism.
We're looking at establishing and facilitating trade partnerships where we can show your clients New Zealand through the eyes of us locals with truly active, authentic experiences. We can create a bespoke itinerary developed to suit your guests needs and operate trips that your company will be proud of.
Come and see us at the marketplace to chat about how New Zealand can fit in with your product development goals!
Adventure Guide Southern Norway - Norway
Network of independent operators
Adventure Hokkaido - Japan
Local adventure tour operator offering small-group guided hiking, cycling and nature tours in Hokkaido. 100% locally owned and operated, we love to share the very best of our homeland with visitors to make your trip to Hokkaido a truly memorable one!
Akan Adventure Tourism Co.,Ltd. - Japan
Local tour operator based in East Hokkaido. We’re specialized in hiking, cycling, canoeing and fishing. Our expert English-speaking guides provide best experience the area offer. Savoring Japanese foods and experiencing different culture will be the best reason to visit Japan. We have close relationships with local accommodations and eateries and can handle detailed requests from our guests and of course contribute to the local economy. Experiencing Indigenous Ainu culture is another charm of traveling Hokkaido. Over a long period of time, Ainu have developed very unique culture. We craft a variety of guided tours such as forest walking, woodcarving, Ainu instrument playing. Through the tours, our guests will learn how they’ve co-existed with nature getting the daily necessities from the surrounding forests, which reminds them of the value of the nature. Not only just simple activities, our area is filled with local attractions such as hot springs and hands-on cultural experiences. Come and see us at the marketplace and talk about if our products can fit in your customers. Our goal is to establish trade partnerships at this golden opportunity.
Alpine Tour Service Co., Ltd. - Japan
Alpine Tour Service is the tour company in Japan, specialized in the adventure and nature trips which feature hiking, trekking, mountaineering & birding all over Japan.
We are the one of the oldest tour company in Japan with more than fifty years of history (established 1969).

In accepting foreign tourists, we will launch a new brand called "ACT(Adventure Culture Tour)Japan" in collaboration with Global Youth Bureau, a tour company which offers a collection of unique tours specialized in music, culture, and history for the high-end market.

ACT Japan will have a wide range of lineups, including luxury products, variety of multi day long trail courses such as historic old trails (Nakasen-do,Tokai-do,Kumanoko-do) and exploring overland hut to hut trekking in mountain range(Japanese alps, Hokkaido Daisetsu-san). We can also offer programs such as bird watching and island hopping sea kayaking on remote islands area (Okinawa).
ALSUR expediciones - Chile
We are a tour operator in Chile. We focus on and provide custom, nature and cultural experiences for our client. Our trips are naturalist and cultural oriented. Our expert bilingual guide will provide the best experience the region can offer. Our products are selected by our team lead by Gerardo Niklitschek owner and guide as well with more than 30 years experience in Chilean and Argentina Patagonian trips. One of our main products is the Route of Parks of Patagonia, a project lead by Tompkins foundation and Sernatur Chile. We have been working with Pumalin Park for 25 years and Patagonia park for over 15 years, both now are part of the new set of national parks in the Route of the Park of Patagonia project, which includes over 16 national park from Puerto Varas to Tierra del Fuego. Our custom road trip including the best of Naturalism, Trekking, Sea kayaking, Fly fishing, Rafting and much more experiences this places has to offer.
ANA X Inc. - Japan
ANA X Inc. handle ticket sales and travel business operations for the ANA Group. Our mission is to provide high quality of service and products and to deliver the most satisfying travel experience.

ANA has been highly commended by SKYTRAX for its consistently superior quality of service and for its dedication towards the further improvement of the overall passenger experience.

Using the ANA Group motto “Trustworthy, Heartwarming, Energetic!” as the foundation of our operations, we will continue to treat our customers sincerely and provide safe travel products with high added value, while further improving our services through the united efforts of all of our employees.
Antarpply Expeditions - Argentina
Antarpply Expeditions is a leading operator of small ship expedition cruises to Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands. Antarpply is based in Ushuaia and specialises in taking small groups and individual passengers to some of the most spectacular, remote and pristine parts of the world South of 60 degrees on board the USHUAIA.
Konnichiwa! Welcome to Good Luck Trip. We offer complete guidance to those interested in exploring the island of japan and cultivating its many unique cultures. Follow us on the latest news of popular sightseeing spots, exclusive tours, fun activities, food & hotels, etc.
Attractive Japan - Japan
Attractive Japan has a selection of charming culture experiences, shows, and attractions available for a reduced rate. You can choose from one of the three pages below according to the type of experiences you are looking for. Find a unique trip that suits your needs.
Australian Walking Holidays - Australia
Australia's leading trekking and active adventure DMC, specialising in nature based tourism including walking holidays in Australia's iconic locations, including the Larapinta Trail, Kakadu, Tasmania, Jatbula Trail, Flinders Ranges and more. Our small group activities are fully supported with expert guides, quality equipment and vehicles and allow visitors to enjoy a true wilderness experience. Cyclists will enjoy our range of cycling itineraries (both guided and self guided) that run off the East Coast of Australia.
AysenJourneys - Chile
Local tour operator specialized in Carretera Austral in Chilean Patagonia. We craft complete adventures in this remote area, asume all the responsability for the trip and craft personalized itineraries according to the clients purposes. You dream and we model your dreams. Experts in the Route of the parks in Aysen.
BirdsChile - Travel- Rewilding & Giving Back - Chile
We are a B Corporation travel company that since 2009 carefully craft responsible and sustainable nature, wildlife and multisport adventures in Chile with a strong commitment to our pillars of giving back to local communities and support rewilding actions. Join us on our exceptional experiences to regenerate the planet. We are official suppliers of the Route of the Parks of Patagonia.
Blue Wolf Travel - Mongolia
Blue Wolf Travel provides clients with the most comprehensive range of professional eco-travel services in western Mongolia. As the largest tour company in western Mongolia, Blue Wolf offers many advantages that have set them apart and lead to recently being honored by the Mongolian Tourism Board as one of Mongolia's best tour operators.
Catalan Tourist Board
Chile Nativo Travel - Chile
Active travel tourism company based in Chilean Patagonia specializing in private, small group and tailor-made programs designed with hands-on experiences and a unique connection to community & culture.
DEGAM Tsuruoka Tourism Bureau - Japan
Japanese DMO (Destination Management Organization)
Deneb - Japan
Deneb is a travel design company at the intersection of adventure, culture, and wellness tourism. With decades of experience in sustainable tourism, the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage, and the creation of community-oriented programs, our team members are skilled crafters of purposeful storytelling-driven journeys.
Dharma Adventures - Nepal
Dharma Adventures, a niche Destination Management Company for Bhutan, Nepal, India and Tibet catering to experiential travelers. With 28 years of experience we are able to provide your clients with unique experiences the Himalayan countries can offer. Our itineraries are always customized to your client's requirement.

Dharma is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism. Our focus on safety, hygiene, minimum environmental impact and social giveback has proven well and we continue to pursue it. Dharma is actively involved in the health, education and child support through our social profit entity Dharma Karma Society.

Come, experience the Himalayan countries with us!
Easia Active - Vietnam
A dedicated B2B adventure brand, Easia Active offers high quality, sustainable, transformational moments, from soft to true adventure that tests the individual limits of our travelers. The core philosophy of Easia Active is to inspire and excite, connecting travelers with nature and local communities for an experience that truly exemplifies “active learning.” With the stunning landscapes of Southeast Asia as the backdrop, we offer your travelers a full range of thrilling products that take our guests far from the mainstream activities. And, of course, our products are tailor-made to ensure each Easia Active journey is a truly unforgettable experience for adventurers of all levels and abilities. Easia Active clients crave an adventurous, healthy, respectful, and open-minded way of traveling, pushing the limits of their comfort zones while immersing themselves in an entirely different culture. Our dedicated Easia Active teams, situated in 14 offices across Southeast Asia, are well-trained to deliver personalized support services in a safe and sustainable way, giving you and your travelers peace of mind and the confidence to enjoy the ride of a lifetime.
EcoAndes Travel - Ecuador
For over 26 years EcoAndes and it's sister companies have provided unique travel experiences throughout South America, in the Galapagos Islands, where we own and operate a 4 Star Hotel, and cruise Yacht; a fabulous 4 stars boutique hotel in Quito, as well as mountaineering expeditions, Cultural Voyages, Photography trips, and adventure journeys in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina
European Walking Tours - Switzerland
European Walking Tours provides an exclusive range of tailor-made active tours all over Europe with English speaking professional tour guides, whether for families, intergeneration or all agers. Our hiking and walking tours are designed for active travelers who take pleasure in exploring both the culture and the environment. Along with classics visiting unheard of regions, far away from the mass tourism, and in line with current trends, we also offer more adventurous treks suitable for the fit and adventurous. We have taken the intimate knowledge of local experts and created a collection of unique active tours.
Everest Summit Lodge Pvt. Ltd - Nepal
Namaste! Everest Summit Lodges is the daughter company of INTREK, a leading Destination Management Company that has been pioneering trekking tours in Nepal since 1970. In service since 2002, we run five high quality mountain lodges up in the Everest Region: Lukla, Monjo, Mende, Tashinga and Pangboche. Our programs highlight the most popular treks going up to Everest Base Camp and the lodges are all very nicely located on the route.

Everest Summit Lodges offers you the best personalized services and the best accommodation in the region. We have made this possible by choosing great locations, using traditional Sherpa architecture, environmental friendly solar power solutions to attain a great level of comfort at each lodge. High tea at the end of the day, welcomed at every lodge by local Sherpa girls, serving home brewed organic coffee, or our famous masala tea, is a treat after a day's walk. Evening meals are a three-course fare served with a smile and a very nice glass of wine. You will sleep in private rooms with warm beds, private toilets and hot showers. Every new day starts with a sumptuous breakfast to charge you up for the exciting trekking day ahead.

Your trek is planned to make your journey a lifetime experience, starting from your arrival at Kathmandu International Airport. Your companion and guide for the entire time will be welcoming you with our traditional Khada greeting and accompanying you to our first lodge, Himalayan Height Resort, an hours drive from the airport. The pure air, smell of the pine forest and reclusive nature of your bungalow, will be your first touch with Nepal. The mountain views though distant from the resort will be a beckoning start to your onward adventure. By the time your trek is completed the feeling of touching the highest mountains in the world be it the Mt. Everest, or the famous Annapurna range will be a lasting memory.

We can proudly say - we are where no one else is. Join us on an inimitable trekking experience and responsible journey.
Futurismo Azores Adventures - Portugal
A 30 years old family owned business that has grown into the biggest Azorean operator with is own DMC. We are a one stop contact on the Azores, owning the supply chain and having great partnerships across the islands!

With 30 years of experience operating in the Azores archipelago, there's no doubt we've mastered the art of the active holiday. When the Azores turned away from the whaling industry, we saw what the future of the islands would look like and led the travel evolution to whale watching.

Ever since then we’ve been carving out unparalleled active travel experiences from every corner of our jaw-droppingly gorgeous archipelago.

We are the only Azores-based active tourism company offering year-round, high-quality, professionally guided sea- and land-based activities - including whale watching, hiking, cycling, jeep safaris, birding, dolphin swims, van tours, sunset cruises, kayaking and SUP - throughout the volcanic islands.

Operating daily tours and offering a range of thematic packages, we provide activities for travellers who want to experience the Azores in a way that is befitting the culture, wildlife, and natural beauty of the archipelago.

As a DMC, we are a one only stop company, owning the supply chain in what adventure and experiential travel in the Azores concerns. From travel designers to guides, to marine biologists, we have all the equipment and staff and guarantee security. Adding also flights, hotels, restaurants and other experiences,
Heartland Japan - Japan
Here at Heartland Japan, we know that the best of Japan isn't to be found on the bustling streets of Harajuku or under the bright lights of Shinjuku. For visitors interested in discovering the "REAL Japan", we provide a range of package and offer tour destinations which are designed to make our customers feel not just an usual visitor but also make them feel like they are one of the locals; as if they live in Japan.
We have wide range of challenges that the visitors could experience according to their request. Whether they've been to Japan a hundred times or only ever seen photos of it on Instagram, we can show the visitors a side of the country that they never could have imagined.
Let us show you what we've got.
Heartland Japan - Japan
As well as being a tour operator, Heartland Japan is an official partner with the local governments and the local DMOs as below,
and promoting adventure travel destinations where no one has ever imagined and has been to; meeting the locals, knowing about the stories behind the rural area, experiencing the places from a different angel and more!
-Ina valley (Nagano)
-Seto inside sea area (Yamaguchi, Okayama, Hiroshima)
-Kumano-kodo pilgrimage network (Wakayama)
-Hakodate Jomon cultural area (Hokkaido)  
-San'in Coastal National Park area facing Japan sea (Tottori, Hyogo)
Hike'n Sail Turkey - Turkey
Hike'n Sail Turkey is a leading company that specializes in sustainable small group travel for hiking, sailing, kayaking, alpine-trekking, botanizing, food & wine, and cultural adventures.

Hike'n Sail has have been one of the first active participants of ATTA and the only one from Turkey, building a reputation for the most personal, in-depth, and life-changing travel experiences in Turkey.
Hokkaido Development Engineering Center - Japan
We are a thinktank that is handling various types of work from engineering to tourism. As for tourism we are the hub of Scenic Byways Hokkaido project, through which we are getting involved in local tourism development all over Hokkaido. Recently, we are focusing on hiking and cycling tourism and frequently working with tour operators and superb local guides. We are happy providing you with any adventure tourism information in Hokkaido.
Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel - Japan
Hokkaido offers a wealth of opportunities for adventure and cultural experiences. At Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel, we work together with local people from different areas to showcase the wonders of the island, developing travel destinations through originality and creativity.
We actively work to create travel experiences like no other.
Inoutbound Sendai Matushima Inc - Japan
Inoutbound Sendai Matsushima is a DMO and tour operator based in Japan’s ‘deep north’, the Tohoku region. Although just 90 minutes from Tokyo, the Tohoku region boasts untouched natural scenery, unique local culture and traditions born from millennia of living closely with nature. With a focus on sustainability and Adventure Travel, we work together with farmers, fishermen, artisans, sake brewers and expert local guides to create unique story-based tours and experiences that leave our guests with a meaningful human connection to the region.
JALPAK Co. - Japan
We plan, operate, and manage domestic and overseas package tour products, and as a tour operator, we also make arrangements for customized tour products based on requests from travel agencies.
JTB Corp - Japan
JTB is your one-stop service provider for destinations throughout Japan.
We have a nationwide network supported by highly knowledgeable local tour coordinators.
Since our establishment in 1912, we have spent almost 110 years building strong bonds of trust and a powerful brand to make our clients' holiday dreams come true.
Kingfisher Journeys (Rwanda) - Rwanda
Set in the shadow of the Virunga Volcanoes and the Albertine branch of the African Rift Valley, Kingfisher Journeys is the adventure activity tour operator and DMC for Rwanda.
With expertly trained and internationally qualified adventure guides, we run immersive outdoor activities including trekking, luxury (and adventure) camping, kayaking, canoeing, cycling and mountain biking in one of the most exciting destinations in Africa.
Surrounded by the lush, green hills for which Rwanda is so famous, we link these activities with visits to a family of mountain gorillas, safaris, wildlife experiences and cultural experiences that help clients understand this remarkable destination in new and interesting ways. With quality transport and all standards of accommodation options available, we arrange professionally guided tailor-made itineraries as well as private, scheduled and self-guided tours for individuals, couples, families and small or large groups.
Our focus is on creating tours where your clients will explore, discover and journey through Rwanda to find the very best experiences and memories that last a lifetime.
Kinki Nippon Tourist Hokkaido Co., Ltd. - Japan
We specialize in Japan inbound tours focusing on Hokkaido. We plan and provide memorable trips, ensuring your smooth, safe, and secure travel from overseas, and your safe and joyful stay in Japan. We execute flexibility in planning and proposals to meet clients’ requirements, scheduling, and budgets. We continuously champion the charms of Hokkaido and provide services beyond your expectations. Thank you!
KODO Travel - Japan
KODO creates bespoke adventure travel experiences within the incredible backdrop of Japan’s outdoors.
We specialize in human-powered adventures such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, rafting, canyoning and more.
Founded in 1985 as niche adventure travel services provider, KVT HOLIDAYS has had great successes over the last three decades to emerge as one of India's leading provider of adventure, culture and nature tours across India backed with multiple prestigious national tourism awards to its credit. From trekking and walking to mountain biking and cycling tours, wildlife safaris to experiential culture and leisure tours, KVT's catalogue of country-wide activities and travel services combine the unique Indian perspectives, local attractions and activities with an award-winning service infrastructure that offers safe authentic and engaging India holidays and travel experiences to families, students, small groups and independent travellers.
KVT's unwavering commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism is marked with proactive initiatives, community engagement and investment carried out directly and in partnership with both regional and international conservation organizations. KVT has a Responsible Tourism Policy integrated into all aspects of its operations and decision-making. We are also directly involved in tiger conservation projects and community programs in some of India’s key wildlife tourism impact areas.

KVT is supported by its own network of operational bases and field offices in India’s prime tourism destinations with a professional, well-experienced staff and service infrastructure that allows us to maintain control over the smallest aspect of every operation and to ensure that our customers enjoy the safest and best quality holiday possible.

KVT is registered with the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, as approved adventure specialist inbound tour operator and also affiliated with leading Indian and International travel and conservation organizations. KVT HOLIDAYS is a proud member of ATTA since 2011. For more information about KVT and our products please visit: www.kvtholidays.com
Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization - Japan
Japan’s southernmost island is a dynamic landscape of active volcanoes, hot springs and fertile farmlands. Kyushu is epitomized by the words Energy, Fertility and Gateway, representing its natural energy and dynamic people, the rich soil that blesses the island with delicious food, and its history as a link between Japan and the world.
Kyushu is a land of energy, from its vibrant people to its famous volcanoes. Rich volcanic soil and regular rainfall have contributed to the region’s reputation as a gourmet destination, famous for its citrus fruits, seafood, and rich, pork-based ramen.
Kyushu is closer to Korea than Tokyo but easily reached from every major city in Japan. More than anything, Kyushu is characterized by the friendly people who call this island home. Over a thousand years of connections with other cultures has created a sense of warmth and acceptance, welcoming newcomers with a smile.
Maple Leaf Adventures - Canada
Experience the landscapes, wildlife and culture of Alaska and British Columbia, Canada, on a boutique expedition cruise by an award-winning local company. Explore islands, fjords, ancient rainforests. Maple Leaf's A-list naturalists and local guides lead you to special wildlife havens (bears, whales, etc) and cultural sites. Our weeklong safaris take you far off the beaten track abaord gorgeous local ships, with plenty of time to explore the ocean and shore. Trips are suitable for independent travelers, groups of 8-24 people, or family charters. Ships: Cascadia, a 138-foot luxury expedition catamaran; Swell, a 90-foot classic tugboat, and Maple Leaf, a 92-foot schooner. Destinations: Alaska, Haida Gwaii, Great Bear Rainforest, Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands National Park / Salish Sea. Operated by a leader in sustainable tourism, these trips are for people who enjoy the personalized and authentic experiences of the path less travelled. One of National Geographic Traveler's "50 Tours of a Lifetime". Certified gold level of sustainability by Green Tourism Canada. Visit us for information.
Mountain Lodges of Peru - Peru
Mountain Lodges of Peru offers a unique take on adventure travel to Machu Picchu. Our programs are comprised of fully-guided luxury lodge-to-lodge journeys, along with opportunities for meaningful cultural immersion that make for the experience of a lifetime. Our signature adventures and properties include:

• The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu: A 7-day lodge-to-lodge trek along the breathtaking Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu.

• The Sacred Valley & Lares Adventure: A 5- or 7-day journey that offers daily hiking and off-the-beaten-path cultural excursion options—an exciting opportunity for guests to design their own unique, tailor-made adventures to Machu Picchu.

• El Mercado: A four-star boutique hotel in the heart of Cusco designed with a fresh, sophisticated take on traditional Andean art and cultural elements.

• El Retablo Hotel: A three-star B&B-style accommodations property near the Plaza de Armas that showcases exquisite art and murals created by artists from the historically celebrated Cusco School of Fine Arts.

• X.O Art House: Our NEW 7-guest room boutique property housed in a traditional Spanish colonial casona that features works of art created by contemporary Cusqeñan artists, along with amenities including kitchenettes and personalized guest services for a more intimate accommodations experience.
Nagano Tourism Organization - Japan
Climb the Japanese Alps, Soak in an Onsen, Frolic with the Snow Monkeys, Slurp Soba Noodles, Timewarp to the Feudal Past, Schuss through Powder Snow.
Start your exploring here!
Nippon Travel Agency - Japan
We, Nippon Travel Agency Hokkaido (NTA Hokkaido), launched business in 1994, spinning off from Nippon Travel Agency (NTA), the first travel agency in Japan founded in 1905. We extended our business from the Sapporo office to 8 branch offices within Hokkaido, and became a specialist in all types of travel, ranging from Destination Management, Outgoing Tourism, MICE Solutions to Special Interest Tours.
From our 115+ years of experience, we are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm. We believe that our mission is to provide the best experience on your next exciting trip to Japan !
For more information about us, please visit our website - "tabi no mori"
Niseko Resort Tourist Association - Japan
We are a small, Niseko-based tourist association with a focus on promoting local tourism.
Our goal is to make Niseko a sustainable travel destination to preserve its nature for many generations to come. To reach this goal, we are working closely together with the Niseko town hall to make Niseko a certified sustainable tourist destination (GSTC-D/JSTS-D).
Oku Japan - Japan
Oku Japan is a tour operator and DMC offering guided and self-guided walking and adventure tours specializing in off-the-beaten-track Japan. We have a strong commitment to the communities where we operate and are the only operator with branches on both the Kumano Kodo and Nakasendo Trails. Our tours combine carefully selected accommodations with superb service and exquisite regional cuisine, expert bilingual guides, and great hiking and adventure, on thoughtfully created itineraries by a team who is passionate about introducing others to the magnificence of rural Japan. We create 'white-label' tours for tour operator tour series.
Oyikil Travel - Argentina
Since our founding in 1999, Oyikil Travel has become a leader DMC in high-end travel to South America. We make some of the most astounding and far-flung destinations on the planet accessible in the most epicurean and comfortable way. From the vast Iguazú Falls to legendary Patagonia in the far south, Oyikil reveals the hidden beauty of Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

For the past 20 years, we have nurtured and built strong partnerships with tour operators, agents and specialized professionals looking for expertly curated, seamless itineraries to this majestic region of South America.

As a full-service DMC, we collaborate with top brands and educational travel experts to ensure our itineraries are sophisticated, impeccable, cultured, and stimulating. Each of our tailor-made trips fosters a deep sense of discovery and respect for people’s traditions and culture.
PLUSWILD&Triangle Japan DMC Ltd. - Japan
PLUSWILD provides excellent and experienced guides for your adventures such as alpine climbing,
trekking, hiking, kayaking, SUP, mushroom hunting, fishing, cafes in the mountains in the unique natural environment and historical culture in Wakasa, Fukui, Japan throughout the four seasons.
This time, we teamed up with Triangle Japan DMC Ltd. who is a professional tour operator throughout Japan to provide the best experience for you. Triangle Japan will carefully arrange activities, accommodations, experienced bilingual guides, and local cuisine based on your needs.
PLUSWILD and Triangle Japan would like to introduce the ‘’SAWANOBORI” experience as exciting and new hard-activity in Japan at ATWS. ‘Sawanobori’ is a traditional and also unique style of alpine climbing compared to other countries.
In Wakasa town in Fukui which is located only 1h30min away from Kyoto, you will also stay at Kumagawa-juku which is a Preservation District for Traditional Buildings. You may want to cook with local foods in renovated kitchen and meet your neighbors before or after outdoor activities or enjoy the cooking experience with locals. We are looking forward to sharing these experiences with you at ATWS!
Portugal Nature Trails - Portugal
Portugal Nature Trails is a company targeting the foreign market and set out to be the company of the most outstanding and thrilling hiking and cycling outdoor adventure tours in Portugal. Exploring the country's wildest and most preserved regions while tasting the best local food, and wine. Spending the night from 4/5 star hotels to simple welcoming rural local bed and breakfast. Adventure and local culture, in a guided, self-guided, or tailor-made tour.
Say Hueque | Argentina Adventures - Argentina
Member of ATTA since 2007, Say Hueque organice journeys in Argentina & Chile since 1999.
With focus in nature, hikes and local culture, we are specialists designing travel experiences in Patagonia, Salta, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, Mendoza and the rest of Argentina & Chile.
Shikoku Tours - Japan
Shikoku Tours was established with the goal of introducing adventurous people to the wonders of the smallest of Japan’s main islands, and to help preserve its unique heritage and culture. We work closely with local stakeholders to craft tours that satisfy our international customers while contributing to regional economies.

We’re constantly learning, from our partners and friends in Shikoku, and from the feedback that we receive from our customers. Our website is the most comprehensive library of Shikoku travel content, reflecting our decade-long effort to document and promote the island we call home.
Slotrips, DMC Slovenia - Slovenia
We design and run unforgettable hiking & biking tours in Slovenia (and the neighbouring countries).
SMO minamioguni Co.,Ltd. - Japan
SMO Minamioguni (SMO) is a company in the Aso area of Kumamoto that operates a small tour business called “Satoyama Journey.” Our goal is to bring small groups of visitors on a unique journey into life in the Japanese countryside by introducing satoyama-culture, the Japanese way of living in harmony with the native woodlands and mountains. Furthermore, we also pride ourselves on being a local company. At SMO, we work with a complete perspective on community development, including everything from operating the farmers’ market to supporting local entrepreneurship. We might be a comparatively new contender on the market, but our goals and aspiration know no limits!
Sondor Travel - Albania
Sondor is an Inbound Travel Company based in Tirana, Albania. We design Tours, Activities & Attractions in Albania and Western Balkans which then are sold to International Tour Operators. Sondor is a B2B Wholesaler that does not sell directly to consumers. Most of our client companies are based in Western Europe, Japan and USA.

We provide different type of Outdoor Activities and Cultural exploration tours such as: Hiking & Trekking Tours, Cycling & Mountain Biking Tours, Family Tours, Wildlife Tours, Cultural Discovery Tours etc. During the winter we provide Snowshoeing and Ski Touring in Albania - Kosovo - Montenegro & North Macedonia. Our cultural tours cover most of Western Balkans.

We offer as well special interest tours with a focus on the local geopolitics, history and archeology.
Switzerland Tourism - Switzerland
Switzerland Tourism is the National Tourism Office of Switzerland with the goal to promote Switzerland as a travel, holiday and convention destination, plus the Adventure Capital of Europe.
Tasmania Walking Company - Australia
We offer true Australian hospitality. Our chef designs your meals, our guides connect you, our accommodation comforts and shelters you.
The J Team (Japan) DMC - Japan
The J Team, Japan’s original DMC, has introduced adventure experiences to allow explorers to alchemize Japan’s unique combination of nature and culture into personal travel stories that will last a lifetime.
The Wilderness Group- UK & Ireland - United Kingdom
Brought to you by the team behind the brands Wilderness Scotland, Wilderness Ireland and Wilderness England, the Wilderness Group is the UK & Ireland’s leading, 5 Star, luxury Adventure Tour Operator and Specialist DMC for active and experiential travel covering both small group and private, FIT travel.
Tobu Top Tours meets all the standards of the “Quality Assurance System for Tour Operators” scheme, which is designed to guarantee the safety, security, and quality of travel packages to Japan and has reached the Travelife Partner award for sustainability.

We not only wholeheartedly welcome overseas visitors to Japan, but we are also committed to improving the quality of travel packages to Japan, to ensure that we provide visitors with high-quality travel experiences that allow them to fully enjoy the delights of Japanese culture, history, cuisine, and traditions during their stay, and leave them with a desire to visit Japan again.
Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization - Japan
“Regenerate Tohoku through tourism!” We run various projects and events aiming to promote domestic and international tourism and contribute to the economic growth of Tohoku. This time, JTB Corp and Inoutbound Sendai Matushima Inc are helping to make arrangements.
Tourism Australia - Australia
Tourism Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for attracting international visitors to Australia, both for leisure and business events. The organization is active in 15 key markets and activities include advertising, PR and media programs, strategic partnerships and distribution development and industry programs showcasing why There’s Nothing Like Australia.
Tourism Australia - Discover Aboriginal Experiences - Australia
Discover Aboriginal Experiences is a collective of quality, authentic Aboriginal guided tourism offerings delivered by the world’s oldest living culture that include a diversity of over 185 experiences in both urban and regional locations that create truly memorable Australian journeys. Bring the outstanding Australian landscapes to life with these immersive cultural encounters. The collective represents 45 business who have met a strict criteria to be a member. The collective is part of Tourism Australia's Signature Experiences of Australia program that promotes outstanding tourism experiences within a variety of special categories.
Trekking Hellas - Outdoors Greece - Greece
Trekking Hellas Group of Companies - www.outdoorsgreece.com, is the largest and most distinguished tour operator in Greece, in the sector of outdoor holidays. In its 35 years of existence, has established a respectful reputation in Greece and worldwide providing high quality services for individuals and groups in the sector of outdoor holidays, activities and events. Trekking Hellas Group of Companies consists now of 18 franchise companies and employs more than 150 people all over Greece. Our network makes it possible to offer and operate at highest standards a variety of activities all over the country with local guides and suppliers. By organizing outdoor activities in classic touristy destinations (Santorini, Athens, Crete, Rhodes etc) and less known regions of Greece (Tzoumerka, Karpenisi etc) we contribute to the sustainable rural development by supporting local communities and offering work opportunities to their inhabitants, and the global effort to reduce over-tourism. We strongly embrace and implement a socially and environmentally responsible policy promoting the protection of nature and environmental awareness.
tuscany4explore Srls - Italy
Tuscany4Explore organizes private tours and small groups activities in Florence, Siena, Pisa, Chianti, Valdorcia, Maremma and throughout Tuscany, to discover the incredible landscapes that this region provides. We believe that travel inspires people, thus everything we want is to drive you thought the incredible inspiration of our land. Our activities are thought to be unique and personal: an adventure that will last forever.
Via Natura Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos - Peru
With its own offices in Cusco (Peru), Guayaquil (Ecuador) and Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Via Natura has been crafting experiences for our travelers for over 27 years. We hand pick properties and produce out of the ordinary experiences that fulfill our clients’ expectations and passions, allowing them to have a unique and rewarding experience in our destinations.
Viaventure Central America - Guatemala
Viaventure Central America is well known for being the region’s premier tour operator, offering individually customized tours (tailor-made adventures) for Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. Viaventure specializes in out-of-the-ordinary bespoke experiences, exceptional customer service and unexpected touches, we’ve been operating highly successful tours and experiential travel programs in Central America since 2001.
Visit Finland - Finland
Finland is a hidden gem tucked into the far up North. It is a treasure waiting to be discovered. You will find thousands of reasons to fall in love with Finland; the people, arctic adventures and secrets. And four distinct seasons that continue to call you back. When you think you have seen and experiences it all, then it is time to explore Finland.
Visit South Greenland - Greenland
South Greenland is a land of contrasts with verdant farmlands just at the foot of extreme peaks and glaciers - all of which are just waiting to be explored. Here you will be surprised to find many of the things everyone always says do not exist in Greenland - like forests and homegrown vegetables! Plus there are a few special elements that can only be found in our region, like natural hot springs and over 900 Viking ruins.
VisitScotland - United Kingdom
VisitScotland is the national tourism organisation for Scotland. VisitScotland actively works with the travel trade. Our dedicated travel trade team offer support and services for tour operators wishing to develop existing or create new Scotland programmes, ensuring they have the resources to create trips suitable for all clients and all budgets.
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