As a result of the successful women’s leadership events at the past two Adventure Travel World Summits, the ATTA is introducing it’s first Leadership Circles program, an online service offering professional coaching and peer group interaction designed to support diverse leadership styles. Open to both men and women, participants can expect to work closely with their peers alongside a professional coach, to identify important issues they want to address, participating in regular virtual gatherings, monthly webinars and a private online forum for ongoing discussion and relationship building.

“I felt that I came away with helpful information, useful exercises, and the motivation to try and improve as a leader.”
– Participant in the Adventure Women’s Leadership Studio

The circles are designed by leadership expert Moe Carrick of Momentum Inc. and include discussion points such as:

Leading Your Culture
Growing Allies
Hard Conversations/Conflict
Connections that Matter
Getting Your Numbers
Owning Your Story

Through this lens, participants will tap into the wisdom of their like-minded peers globally and experience unparalleled insights, feedback, and accountability that can be a challenge to create in our day-to-day lives.

Space is limited so register now. Registration closes March 29, 2018. Courses begin April, 9, 2018.

Choose from the following options for engagement:

Option 1: Venture In Leadership Circle

This exclusive 6-month process for participants in the 2017 ATWS Adventure Women’s Leadership Studio and includes ongoing peer support from the group in attendance in Salta. Carefully curated based on interests and focus areas, with special consideration to eliminate competitive dynamics, each circle of 8-16 women includes:

  1. 12 hours of virtual facilitated meetings (one 2-hour session per month)
  2. Extensive opportunities to bring issues and receive peer feedback
  3. Up to three, 1:1 sessions with a professional coach
  4. Curated content delivered/provided in between sessions
  5. Privately managed online forum to share ideas
  6. Three live webinars, outside of facilitated meetings, every other month.

ATTA Member: $1,199
Non-Member: $1,399

Note: Maximum of two Circles during initial six month period. Monthly Meetings and Webinars dates are set; recordings will be made available. Minimum of 6 participants must be met for coaching circle to begin.


Option 2: People Centered Leadership Circle

This 3-month process is specifically designed for leaders (both men and women) who did not attend the ATWS Adventure Women’s Leadership Studio in 2017, but seek to take an active and empathetic approach and learn about the importance of diversity in leadership. Material from the Leadership Studio will be reviewed, and attendees will dig into issues they want to tackle together in the privacy of an invested community. Maximum of three groups of 10-16 persons. Due to the nature of the coaching content, group options include Women Only Circles, Men Only Circles and Mixed Group.

  1. 3 hours of facilitated virtual meetings with peer exchange
  2. 6 hours of additional instructional content
  3. One goal-setting session with a professional Coach
  4. Curated content between sessions
  5. Receive a Certificate of Completion; eligibility to participate in a future Venture In Leadership Circle

ATTA Member: $599
Non-Member: $749

Note: Maximum of three groups of 10-16. Minimum participant number must be meet for group to begin.Group options include a Women Only Circle, a Men Only Circle and a Mixed Group. Meetings are on set dates and recordings will be made available.


Meet the Facilitator

Moe Carrick is the founder of Moementum, Inc., a leadership consulting business and certified B Corp. She grounds her approach in a unifying and undeniable truth: successful work is dependent upon human relationships. Moe feels privileged to work with clients such as Prudential Financial, REI, Hydroflask, the ATTA, Nike, Tech Soft 3D, and many others. Her  book Fit Matters: How to Love Your Job was released by Maven House Press in May 2017 and is an Amazon Bestseller. Find her at or on Twitter @moecarrick.

NOTE: Other coaches to be assigned as appropriate, in addition to Moe.

Moementum, Inc. helps business people, nonprofit or corporate teams and leaders work better together. Using practical support, coaching, team-building facilitation and unique, personalized leadership experiences, Moementum helps organizations reach their full potential and succeed with purpose. We help organizations excel by invigorating your company culture, engaging your employees, and creating an inspiring vision with clear goals. Through our workshops, consulting, experiences and coaching, clients experience cohesive teams, motivated employees, powerful workplace health and energized, inspired leadership.

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