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Kristian B. Jorgensen

Managing Director, Fjord Norway Tourist Board

Kristian serves as Managing Director of the Fjord Norway, a region which is found in the Western part of Norway and stretches from Stavanger in the south to Ålesund in the north. Fjord Norway is among the world’s beautiful, spectacular and untouched natural wonders in the world with fjords, mountains, waterfalls and glaciers covering the whole region.

Before working with Fjord Norway, Kristian was responsible for marketing Norway to international customers since 1992. For three years, Kristian worked in the Norwegian Tourist Board putting together large international marketing campaigns; from 1997 to 2000 he was Director of Marketing for the organization that planned and carried out the European Capital of Culture Year 2000 in Bergen; and, for three years he was CEO for the Historic Hotels and Restaurants of Norway. In addition, he served as Vice President for the Historic Hotels of Europe, a hotel group organization consisting of 1,500 of the most unique hotels in Europe.

Kristian became a globetrotter before he could walk. Throughout his life he has lived in the U.S., Switzerland, Ethiopia, Germany, Denmark and Norway. He speaks five languages and has, despite his forty years of age, visited more than 80 countries. He is always looking to learn more about different cultures and seeking new adventures of the beaten track: hunting with the Masai warriors, jungle trekking in the Amazons, meditating in the Himalayan Buddhist monasteries or glacier skiing in the Norwegian fjords. Kristian, who lives in Bergen, the gateway to the Fjords, when at home enjoys the mountains and coastline found around the city borders by hiking, boating, fishing and skiing.

Additional background on Fjord Norway:

In 2004, The National Geographic Traveler’s panel of specialists rated Fjord Norway the world’s most attractive, unspoiled travel destination in the world. And, in 2005, UNESCO included the fjords of Norway, exemplified by two of them, Geirangerfjord & Nærøyfjord, on its World Heritage List. Soon after, in 2006, The National Geographic Traveler’s panel of specialists rated Fjord Norway the best cared for UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world. Today, the region is positioning itself as one of the new and most spectacular adventure destinations in the world, offering a year round range of everything from the most extreme adventure products you can find, to soft adventure products with the fjord landscape as your backdrop. The Fjord Norway Tourist Board has been nominated the best destination marketing company in Europe and has seen a 25 percent growth of tourism in the last four years.

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