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Maxi Pia Louis

Director, NACSO

My background is tourism, and as a child I wanted to travel the world, meet people and share cultural experiences. Today I share these experiences all over the world and learn so much from people in the conservation and tourism industry. I’m passionate about working with communities in rural areas — 80% of land in Africa is home to wildlife, natural resource users and poor communities that cannot be ignored by our decision-makers. Tourism and Conservation as partners has made these significant changes in rural Namibia, and I believe it can be used as one of the tools to address issues of development in Africa. I dedicated myself to the Community Based Natural Resources Management Programme for 15 years in government and non-government agencies. My skills are being a Strategic-thinker from project conception through to development and implementation.

I’m a practical and economical project manager, and motivated independent worker and team player at international, national and local levels. I’m capable of finding common ground among the diverse interests of government, industry, and advocacy groups through positive working relationships.

Highlights of Professional Experience and Accomplishments

Program Development and Implementation

  • Founder member of the Namibia Community Based Tourism Association
  • Instrumental in the development of CBRNM related policies
  • Instrumental in the development of the CBTE development strategies
  • Facilitated the process of campsite & Joint Venture initiatives
  • Implementation of CBNRM related policies
  • Networking activities with stakeholders in the Private Sector, Government, communities and Decision- Makers
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