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Tim Neville

Freelance Writer

Tim Neville is a full-time freelance writer who specializes in active adventure travel, often to places that must work extra hard to entice travelers. Turkmenistan. Albania. North Korea. I’m a hiker, runner, fly fisher, cyclist, skier and scuba diver and have used all of those sports to report my stories. I help write Outside magazine’s trip of the year awards and the Where to Go annual round-up in the New York Times. If you have an unusual trip to an unusual area, I’d love to hear about it. Fun, new ways to visit well traveled places are also great. The harder it was for you to put together a trip, to get the permits, to think about how in the world you would pull this all off, the better. Think story, not just activity and place. I love cheese, sauerkraut, and this rare, delicious plum brandy some guy once gave me in Kosovo.

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