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William L. Bryan, Jr., Ph.D.

Founder, Off the Beaten Path

Bill was the original entrepreneur and co-founder of Off the Beaten Path, LLC, a nationally acclaimed travel planning service for the Western half of the Western Hemisphere. Specializing in custom and small group travel, OBP has for 25 years built a strong national reputation in the adventure and sustainable travel world providing meaningful travel experiences that go well beyond the traveler’s expectations. While having been its CEO for 15 years, Bill continues to work at OBP as its Chairman.

Bill is currently the Chairman of the Adventure Collection, a group of ten premier travel companies that focuses on marketing and sharing best practices. He also has been on the Board (and Chairman) of the Center for Responsible Travel operating out of Washington, D.C. and Stanford University in California. Currently Bill is serving on the Presidential Advisory Councils at both the University of Montana and Montana State University.

Bill also has published several articles and chapters related to responsible travel and the role travel can play in changing peoples’ lives. He speaks frequently on these subjects.

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