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ATTA Membership & Online Courses are better together!

Joining the ATTA as a Professional or Business member offers yearlong benefits to support your business developing, and introduces you to the best and brightest minds in the industry. The perfect pairing to your yearlong membership, our in-depth self-paced-training goes deep and allows you to level up your business with the industry’s best subject matter experts on topics like safety and risk management, guide training, business management and more. Members get exclusive ATTA discounts on courses and so much more!

Level Up Your Business with Membership + Online Training

6 Course Guide Training Bundle ($499 Value)
Professional Membership ($150 Value)


• 5+ hours of on-demand training
• Learn from a constant flow between theory and practice, a lot of practical examples and real situations to illustrate what we teach
• Expand your vision through an innovative approach to five Adventure Travel Guide core competencies
• Learn new skills through observing meetings and briefings, fine-tuning your safety reporting procedures, and more practical experiences

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7 Course SRM Bundle ($639 Value)
Professional Membership ($150 Value)


• 7+ hours of on-demand training
• Gain effective safety management and enable the rollout of a comprehensive safety management system
• Meet the requirements of the ISO 21101 – Adventure tourism — Safety management systems by sharing the practices of companies that are certified in that ISO, with real and practical examples and tips
• Meet top international standards in safety & risk management

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6 Course Business Mgmt. Bundle ($639 Value)
Professional Membership ($150 Value)


• 9+ hours of on-demand training
• How to effectively leverage partnerships with suppliers, resellers and international trade partners.
• Create and implement effective business and marketing plans.
• Create compelling visitor experiences and activities to attract specific market segments.
• Create effective marketing strategies to drive bookings.

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4 Expert-Led Live Courses ($489 Value)
Professional Membership ($150 Value)


• 4 live expert-led sessions
• Structured course for maximizing your own wellbeing
• Learn keys to success in life and work
• Unlock built-in potential
• Clarify and prioritize your goals
• Fast-track goal achievement

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ATTA Membership

Membership gives you yearlong access to:

  • Savings on online education.
  • A community of adventure travel professionals in 100 countries
  • Business resources, guides, and legal templates
  • Free access to educational webinars and industry research reports
  • Virtual and in-person networking events
  • Pro-deals on gear and equipment
  • An industry-specific career center

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