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These ATTA Case Studies are a way to let our members lead by example. We’re profiling long-term members who have taken advantage of their ATTA membership in creative and productive ways. Our relationships with members grow and change over time and we learn which benefits are the most helpful to you. We share your success stories here so you can learn from each other as well.

Case Study

Wild Norway

Wild Norway is a tour operator based in Trøndelag, central Norway. We are a collaboration of several adventure companies run by sound and reliable Norwegians, all specialists in our own field. That’s why you can find everything from family adventures to hard core polar expeditions in our portfolio.

  • Learned more about the industry
  • Connected with the industry
  • Grew faster than we could have on our own through ATTA connections/networking
  • Developed adventure travel product by connecting with people at the Summit - it has been invaluable, especially in casual social settings
Tangible Results
  • Learned about ourselves by being in a community of like-minded companies, media and tour operators from around the world, and learned what makes us different or similar
  • Chosen for the highly valuable World Nomads “Extraordinary Experiences” campaign because of being an ATTA member.
  • Gained clients from fellow ATTA Members whose clientele wanted to travel to Norway simply because we had met at a past Summit.
  • Hired a photographer as a result of seeing her work at ATWS
  • If we had not done the ATWS in Chiapas, we would certainly not be taking international groups the way we do now. Our readiness and growth would have been much slower.
This business is very personal. No one buys something from someone they don’t know and trust. The ATTA community provides an excellent platform for developing relationships to grow our business.
Future Vision
  • Our vision is to be the leading adventure travel company in Norway/Scandinavia - in quality!
  • Having rare, real, rough, cool adventure product that nourishes Norway’s heritage and culture.
  • To highlight the unique and special qualities of each tour operator, guide and each region’s specialities.
  • To be the Norwegian tour provider that everyone points to as setting the standard for how adventure travel should be done.
Wild Norway
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