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2015 Adventure Tourism Development Index

The 2015 Adventure Tourism Development Index offers a look at what factors make adventure tourism destinations excel. The ATDI also provides a guideline for destinations looking to grow their tourism market, as strong performance in the 10 key pillars can be linked to healthy inbound tourism overall. In the case of Peru, for example, recent analysis suggests that an increase of 10 percent in the country's ATDI score could translate to a 14 percent increase in tourist arrivals.

Now in its fifth edition, the ATDI is a helpful resource to governments, tourist bureaus and consultants considering developing adventure tourism development strategy or strengthening an existing one. Tracking performance in the ten pillar areas provides a guideline for responsible development, helping identify areas in need of more focus and attention, as well as gauging a country’s readiness to compete in the adventure tourism sector.

You will learn:

  • Top rankings for both developed and developing countries
  • Recent shifts in country rankings and causation factors
  • Examples of countries which are prioritizing adventure tourism, using resources and policy to drive growth
  • An exploration of the ten pillars and their importance in fostering a healthy adventure tourism market
Page Count: 19
Published in 2015
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