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2018 Adventure Travel Trends Snapshot

Each year the ATTA produces the Industry Snapshot Report, a compilation of data as a result of surveying adventure travel industry operators on topics such as destinations, activities, and industry business practices.

The 2018 report reveals industry insights to top of mind destinations for the adventure traveler, average trip length, common operational practices, the average amount of money per client that stays in a destination, and more.

Example key findings in this year’s report include:

  • The number one in demand adventure activity is hiking; ecotourism, cultural, environmentally sustainable, culinary, cycling, and safaris.
  • Custom itineraries top the the trip types with the highest level of demands; Trip types receiving some interest from clients are “long haul/overseas” trips, along with “environmentally sustainable”, “family/multi-generational”, and “Solo Traveler” trips.
  • Adventure tour operators say destinations receiving interest from adventure travelers are Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Southern Africa, and Southeast Asia.
  • 66 percent of the per guest trip cost is estimated to remain in the local region.
  • In terms of adventure traveler demographics, the largest group of adventure travel tour operator clients (41 percent) are between the ages of 50-70. The average age of the adventure traveler reported is 49 years old.

The ATTA Industry Snapshot offers those working in adventure travel with a useful benchmarking tool, and those outside the industry with perspective on the health, outlook, and characteristics of this dynamic industry.

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Published in 2018
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