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2019 Industry Snapshot

Each year, the ATTA produces the Industry Snapshot Report, a compilation of data resulting from the survey of adventure travel industry operators on topics such as destinations, activities, and industry business practices.

The 2019 report is broken into Parts 1 and 2. Part 1 reveals industry insights such as top-of-mind adventure destinations, average trip length, common operational practices, and more. Part 2 focuses on the financial data related to the research conducted.

A few key findings in this year’s report include:

  • Top adventure activities are hiking, cycling, safaris, culinary activities, and wellness-focused activities
  • Custom itineraries remain in high consumer demand
  • Outbound adventure tour operators report the following regions experienced significantly increased client interest in the past year: Scandinavia, South America, Northern and Southern Africa, and the Middle East
  • 83% of adventure tour companies state that their 2018 gross revenues surpassed their 2017 gross revenues
  • 43% of adventure travel tour operator clients are between the ages of 51-70
  • The average age of the adventure traveler is 49 years old
  • The average cost per day of a trip in North America in 2018 was $439

The Industry Snapshot Report offers those working in adventure travel with critical industry benchmarks, and those outside the industry with perspective on the health, outlook, and characteristics of this dynamic environment.

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Published in 2019
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