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Adventure Travel Business Impact Monitor Survey - COVID-19 (March Snapshot)

The ATTA surveyed adventure travel industry members throughout March to monitor the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on adventure businesses globally, and to understand the experience, concerns, opportunities, and needs of all industry members.

In this free March snapshot report (full report available in April), responding businesses shared:

  • Outlook on business prospects over the next calendar year
  • State of bookings and cancellations
  • The estimated loss of 2019-equivalent revenues thus far in 2020 directly attributable to cancellations
  • The negative and positive impacts of the outbreak
  • Normal business resumption expectations
  • Key short-term and long-term concerns
  • Crisis management strategies they’ve implemented/planning to implement
  • Ways the ATTA can best support their organization 

The Adventure Travel Business Impact Monitor Survey - COVID-19 (March 2020 Snapshot) report offers valuable insights into how adventure travel businesses are being affected by the pandemic, what they are doing to mitigate these impacts, and how they plan to cope in the future.

Page Count: 23
Published in 2020
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