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In 2016, the ATTA undertook a Cruise Quickpoll survey to learn more about the ways in which cruise companies and passengers affect the adventure sector. Respondents to this survey were primarily tour operators (44%) and travel agents (13%), with 58% of respondents based in North America.

Recognizing that the global cruise industry is in expansion, with a compound annual passenger growth rate of 6.55% from 1990 - the Quickpoll helps you understand the perceptions of cruise travel by covering topics such as:

  • Cruise impact on destinations: Seventy-nine percent of respondents said they had observed the destinations in which they work to have been impacted by cruise business. Understand the positive and negative impacts such as increase in employment, impact on local culture, and sanitation.
  • Positive versus negative distinctions of small, mid-size, and large vessels: Eighty-five percent of respondents said the size of the ship makes a difference to them.
  • Preferences for Working with Cruise Lines: Find out why sixty-six percent of respondents said they prefer to work with small expedition cruise ships and yachts, while three percent prefer to work with large cruise ships.
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Published in 2016
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