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Industry Snapshot 2015

Each year the ATTA invites adventure businesses to share anonymous information about their companies from the previous fiscal year. For the 2015 Industry Snapshot, we surveyed over 500 tour operators in 67 countries to create a comprehensive look at the adventure travel industry through the eyes of businesses working on the ground.

The industry is growing by leaps and bounds, so this year’s report has key data broken out into regions. Segmenting the research this way, reveals results like:

  • Companies headquartered in Africa show the greatest percentage increase in gross revenue over last year
  • North American companies boast the most clients per year at an average of over 9,000
  • The greatest increase in trip price over last year occurred for companies based in Asia
  • Trip length is shortest in South America with average of 6.8 days

See where your company stands in the context of your adventure travel peers. Regional data means you’ll have a better sense of how you compare both locally and globally.

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Published in 2015
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