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Key Findings Report - The State of Climate Action in the Adventure Travel Industry

In November 2019, the ATTA distributed a survey to adventure travel businesses to establish a baseline understanding of climate action within the industry. The survey data informed a new research report, The State of Climate Action in the Adventure Travel Industry, developed in partnership with sustainability leader Intrepid Travel. Both organizations are committed to catalyzing industry action and accelerating the reduction of travel’s contribution to global emissions.

Key topics addressed in this report:

  • Adventure industry knowledge and attitudes related to climate change
  • Climate action strategies currently adopted and planned for the near future by adventure travel businesses
  • Key barriers to strategy implementation
  • Opportunities for further support and collective industry action

The full climate action report (free for ATTA members, $99 for non-members) is available at this link.

The State of Climate Action in the Adventure Travel Industry report offers valuable insights into how adventure travel businesses are being affected by climate change, what they are doing to mitigate these impacts, and the next steps for education and collective action.

Page Count: 16
Published in 2020
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