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The State of Gear Purchasing in the Adventure Travel Industry

In May 2019, the ATTA conducted a survey of adventure tour operators and activity providers to learn about their current use of outdoor gear and apparel, factors influencing purchasing decisions, and future interest in working with gear suppliers.

This report, prepared for both the outdoor gear companies and adventure operators, sheds a light on the synergies and collaboration opportunities that exist between the two industries.

A few sample key findings in this report:

  • 96% of adventure tour operators surveyed purchase gear for their operations.
  • Only 21% of operators have an arrangement to sell gear to their customers.
  • More than half (55%) are “mostly” or “very interested” in both branded merchandise and an online store through their company website for their guests.
  • 97% are interested in testing new gear and apparel products in partnership with gear suppliers.
  • First aid kits and rescue gear are the most frequently purchased items, with 78% of businesses reporting buying them annually for their operations.

The State of Gear Purchasing in the Adventure Travel Industry report offers those working in the outdoor gear and adventure travel industries a valuable peek at the needs, gaps, trends and opportunities in the market.

Page Count: 35
Published in 2020
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