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Video Distribution for Adventure Travel Brands

Compelling, engaging videos are an invaluable part of modern adventure marketing. But great videos are ineffective if no one sees them. A strong distribution plan for online videos is required to ensure that the investments made in making the video are not lost. Like all marketing, effective video distribution relies on a solid understanding of your audience. At the same time, as part of the overall marketing strategy, video content needs to include calls to action which push the potential traveler from ‘dreaming’ about a destination or product to ‘planning’ their trip.

Download the free report to learn how to:

  • Measure success and identify key performance indicators for online video content
  • Choose the right platform for the audience and content
  • Optimize video content
  • Create a marketing mix for the video content
  • Create a marketing calendar
  • Review and adjust strategy based on measurable indicators
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Published in 2017
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