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What Adventure Travel Businesses Need to Know About Chinese Travelers

In 2016, Chinese nationals crossed their international borders 136.8 million times. About half of these trips were to ‘Greater China,’ which includes Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau - but more than ever Chinese travelers were venturing further abroad. In fact, for nearly every country in the world, China leads in terms of tourism arrivals or tourism spend. According to UNWTO, in 2014, Chinese travelers spent USD $165 billion on outbound travel - up 27% from the previous year. The main reason for this growth is the expansion of the middle class which McKinsey & Company expects will consist of 700 million Chinese by 2022.

Using the report as a guide, operators will be able to gauge their current readiness to serve this growing Chinese Adventure Market and understand whether this market is a fit for their business to pursue in the future.

Download the report to understand:

  • New tourism laws in China;
  • The Chinese adventure traveler profile;
  • Chinese adventure travelers’ motivations for travel;
  • Destinations popular with Chinese adventure travelers;
  • Path to purchase for Chinese adventurers;
  • And suggestions on becoming business-ready for Chinese adventure travelers.
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Published in 2017
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