AdventureEDU | Adventure Travel Trade Association
“A special strength of the AdventureEDU approach is the fact thatthe trainers are the ‘doers’ who bring to the front the solid firsthandexperience. This brings down all barriers and Chris, Russell andJack have managed to open up the audience and work with themon their direct issues while at the same time placing new ideas,expanding concepts and providing paths to solutions available tosmall operators.” - ADVENTURE TOURISM ASSOCIATION IN BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA

Education for the Business of Adventure Travel

AdventureEDU provides training for governments, associations and individual companies seeking to deliver the best adventure travel experiences in a safe and sustainable practice.

What You’ll Learn

  • Who is today’s adventure traveler
  • What recent changes in the adventure industry mean for your business and destination
  • How to improve the quality and safety of your adventure travel experiences
  • How to assess your resources and construct distinctive adventure travel experiences
  • How to manage adventure tourism business risk
  • How to create the best online and offline marketing strategies for adventure businesses
  • How to bring public and private partners together to foster a thriving market


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