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U.S. Packaged Adventure Travel Segment to Bounce Back Faster than the Overall U.S. Travel Market
Newly Released, Next Seven Activities – Adventure Travel Health & Safety Guidelines
Adventure Travel Trade Association works in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic on COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines for the adventure tourism industry
Carbon Offsetting Bulk Purchase Program for Adventure Travel Trade Association Members Live
ATTA and GW Release List of Most Competitive Adventure Tourism Destinations in 2020
ATTA Opens Doors with New Free Community Membership Program

ATTA in the News

Poll: When will you travel to an in-person trade show?

The Adventure Travel Trade Association, for example, just held its big annual conference, AdventureELEVATE, online....

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Outdoor Retailer moves its 2021 Snow Show online

Her statements were echoed by other industry leaders involved in the … Plenty of organizations like the Adventure Travel Trade Association have...

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Battleface boost for African Travel and Tourism Association

Battleface boost for African Travel and Tourism Association … and under, coverage for medical evacuation and accidents, adventure sport and travel to...

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Adventure Travel Market Reeling But Resilient — And Key to Tourism's Comeback

“It's pretty grim,” said Shannon Stowell, CEO of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). “COVID has definitely been incredibly hard on the...

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African nations with low Covid rates urge UK to open 'travel corridors'

A formal petition has been launched by the (ATTA) Adventure Travel Trade Association for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development office...

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Confusion over Italy's new testing rules leads Britons to cancel trips

Travel trade association UKinbound has offered comment. … has been launched by the (ATTA) Adventure Travel Trade Association for the Foreign,...

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ECPAT Names 2020 Top US Members

The 12 repeat top members for 2020 are the Adventure Travel Trade Association, Altruvistas, Carlson, Elevate Destinations, Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt...

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Manifest Travel Club Launches Three New Chapters in Santa Barbara, San Diego and Phoenix

The Adventure Travel Trade Association recently released a study … Currently, Manifest has chapters in Denver, San Francisco Bay Area, Los...

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Why partner with the country's premier television show for hikers

They're willing to get dirty (very dirty) and travel through the most … and the Adventure Travel Trade Association, as well as local governments,...

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From Covid crisis, luxury travel trends emerge

… top of mind across the travel sector in recent months, including taking center stage at the recent Adventure Travel Trade Association virtual summit....

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Industry Buzz: Latria Graham speaks out, Get paid $50K to explore parks, outdoor subscription for …

The best of SNEWS: Top stories we've published recently. AdventureELEVATE goes virtual: The Adventure Travel Trade Association's annual...

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AdventureELEVATE: The show goes on, virtually

The Adventure Travel Trade Association's annual conference adapted to a virtual format this year, with mostly successful results. Author: Andrew Weaver...

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