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Submission Period Opens for 2018 Adventure in Motion Film Contest
Big Businesses Mobilize for Climate Action: What This Signals for Commercial Adventure Travel
WATCH: ATTA’s Shannon Stowell Inspires TEDx Audience to “Change the World … Take a Vacation”
Q&A: The Latest Efforts to Curb Wildlife Trafficking with Sara Walker
From Keynote Speakers to Marketplace Delegates, 2018 Summit is All About the People
One Trip to Antarctica, A Lifetime of Lessons

ATTA in the News

"Change the world…take a vacation."

Adventure Travel Trade Association President Shannon Stowell starts off his TEDx Talk grim, with stories that challenge the common assumption that...

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Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority Shares Key Industry Insights at AdventureNEXT …

AdventureNEXT Near East was organized by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) to connect international travel trade with regional...

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Travel Industry Makes Strides With More Plastic Bans

The travel industry is keeping the environment front and center and a slew of …. The Adventure Travel Trade Association is also committed to reducing...

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Sense of adventure lets couple build winning team in outdoors sector

Last year, Ireland was chosen to host the Adventure Travel Trade Association's Global Summit, reflecting how this country, long recognised for its...

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Mountaineering cover hikes?

“Most basic travel insurance policies exclude mountain climbing or trekking above a certain altitude,” cautions Chun Wright, an attorney specialising in adventure law who has acted as an advisor to the US Adventure Travel Trade Association. “Mountain climbing is typically viewed as any climbing that...

Read More Is An AirBnB Competitor, But Don't Call it A Clone

… insight into what can you do once you arrive at the destination is something that we are expanding."'s focus on experiential travel is on point. According to a study by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, 54 percent of travelers plan to participate in an adventure activity on their next trip....

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AdventureWomen Reveals its 2019 Lineup

"This year, we've put guest feedback at the forefront of our program design, starting with the destinations themselves," said AdventureWomen co-owner Judi Wineland, who is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Adventure Travel Trade Association. "Through our annual surveys, guest...

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Go Deep With Regional Travel

In addition to being ideal for immersion and exploration, regional travel is a prime option for adventure-seeking clients, as many of the goals of these two travel trends overlap. In fact, The Adventure Travel Trade Association's (ATTA) 20 Adventure Travel Trends to Watch in 2018 lists “being local as the...

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Industry determined to do more on the environment

Casey Hanisko, president of the business services division of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), said, "There is a heightened awareness of the need to maintain a passionate approach to making sure that, with the power of the industry, we're moving the needle." The ATTA teamed up with...

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7 Ways to Make Your Travel More Sustainable

The Adventure Travel Trade Association partnered with Travelers Against Plastic on a study that concluded adventure travelers use almost 30,000 single-use plastic water bottles per year. "Reducing plastic waste while traveling is critical,” says CEO Shannon Stowell. “Plastic often ends up in nature,...

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PATA brings adventure mart to Al Ain

Organised by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and hosted by The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), the event brought together international experts at the forefront of the adventure travel industry from both the private and public sectors to discuss the issues...

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Tujani Canyon, Tirana's hidden gem

Represented by mountain hiking and rafting along canyons, Albania's adventure tourism is also gaining popularity among European adventurers seeking new challenges in emerging destinations. Last year, U.S.-based Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) placed Albania as one of the three...

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