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Managing Editor, AdventureTravelNews & Thought Leadership Specialist

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ATTA Press Releases

One-Day, Travel-Focused Climate Change Conference to Address Industry Response; Tourism Professionals Encouraged to Attend
ATTA Tour Operator Scholarship Program Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary; Applications Now Being Accepted for 2019
Watch Where You’re Going: Adventure In Motion 2019 Submission Period Opens
AdventureNEXT Near East Kicks-Off in Aqaba, Celebrates Region’s Growing Adventure Travel Sector
Research: Adventure Tour Operators Eager to Work with Travel Agents, Citing New Sales Channels, Personal Touch
Adventure Travel Trade Association Announces Inaugural Cooperation with ITB China

ATTA in the News

ABTA Provides Free Agent Places for Upcoming Travel Trade Conferences in London

... will include representatives from ABTA, ABTA Members and leading industry experts including: Google, The Adventure Travel Trade Association,...

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'US-Russia Relations Fluctuate Like a Pendulum for the Last 200 years' - InterPacific Aviation ...

There is an organisation, Adventure Travel Trade Association; they did this survey amongst their members, large companies and small companies,...

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Norway's Bold Plan to Tackle Overtourism

According to the UN World Tourism Organization, as of January 2019, .... Development Index, published by the Adventure Travel Trade Association...

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New adventure travel conference

Doyle said: “I'm encouraged to see ABTA lend specific attention to the adventure tourism sector as the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)...

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Unhappiness to satisfaction

Shannon Stowell, CEO of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, might represent another class of clients: those who might not have a specific trip...

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It rhymes with bucket list

Adventure Travel Trade Association CEO Shannon Stowell has no interest in attractions that manipulate animals for human entertainment. Outside...

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Compelling list of industry experts assembled for Caribbean sustainable tourism conference

Gabriella Stowell will be speaking about “boosting the product” and is the Latin America regional director for Adventure Travel Trade Association...

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Solo Travel

And the Adventure Travel Trade Association cited a rise in solo travel, with one of its members, which focuses on millennial travelers, reporting over 80...

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How about a decadent honeymoon on a desert island? Or exploring the farthest depths of the ...

Milena Nikolova, director of knowledge and education for the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), said the trend taking adventure beyond...

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Camping Tent Market Size, Share & Trends, Sector / Industry Report & Analysis, 2019-2025

According to 2018 Travel Trends Report published by Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), the adventure travel market has witnessed a growth...

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STARTUP STAGE: GreatGuides wants adventure travel guides to control their own destiny

Adventure travelers can look up guides based on their skills, ratings, trip ... GreatGuides aims to disrupt the fast‐growing adventure travel industry by letting .... education and consulting arm of the Adventure Travel Trade Association....

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Adventure Travel Includes More Immersive Experiences, Cultural Encounters

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) released its Industry Snapshot Report. The annual report is a compilation of data resulting from a...

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