ISEBOX: Improving Press Coverage with Modern Technology

13 May 2014 @ 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC
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ATTA is proud to showcase our newest technology partner, ISEBOX. We will be joined by ISEBOX’s VP of Marketing, Joe Witte who will discuss how travel organizations can increase media coverage by leveraging your visual content combined with the current technologies that accommodate the press, increase search rankings, meet mobile demands and deliver a seamless video experience. ISEBOX clients are bringing their stories to life by integrating photos, videos and infographics that allow the press to download content in the format they need. ISEBOX’s multimedia content distribution platform will be able to help you:

  • Increase media coverage and educate travelers about your destination
  • Manage your video and photo assets
  • Track your who has downloaded content and where your videos are being played
  • Easily archive and share large files internally
  • Tie in social media with your press release strategy

Learn more about this new ATTA Member Benefit. Joe Witte, VP of Marketing and Business Development at ISEBOX, began his career at USA Networks and later Doubleclick’s travel team. While there he was responsible for bringing in more than $2mm in revenue from clients including and Red Envelope. Joe founded the Internet Travel Network, which has since been renamed Travel Ad Network, one of the largest online travel networks globally. After selling TAN, Joe co-founded multiple online SME service companies including MycroBurst, a design crowdsourcing company which generated more than $5mm in bootstrapped revenue. He sold his stake in the firm and joined ISEBOX in 2013. He is also a former Army Captain and Veteran. Joe is a happy husband and proud father of 4 daughters and a son. He graduated from Penn State University and loves to snowboard in deep powder.


Joe Witte


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