MEET THE EXPERTS SERIES: Calm in the Storm: Managing Stress, Building Resilience in Covid Times

11 June 2020 @ 8:00 AM PDT / 15:00 UTC
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Covid-19 is a huge challenge for everyone, particularly in the travel business, but we are up to it—if we know how to manage fear, stress, and the mind that creates them. This two hour interactive webinar shows how to do that. The Calm in the Storm training, led by stress management leader Joe Robinson, helps you navigate change, uncertainty, and stress in the new normal as well as manage demands of the job and life that push our buttons. Turn off the false danger signal of stress, and the stress response stops in four minutes.

The program gives you tools to manage reactions and emotions at the center of the stress cycle. Since our thoughts are what generate stress, you learn how to reframe the false stories of stress and think before you react. You learn key stress-reduction techniques as well as strategies to work more effectively, from reducing time urgency to better boundaries. We all have, not just a physical immune system, but a psychological one. This program shows how to activate it through the science of optimistic explanatory style, the engine of resilience.

Read Joe Robinson's article The Hidden Key to Happiness and Work-Life Balance to see how YOU are in the business of stress management as he proves that adventures are a key to happiness. Feel free to share this article with your audience of travelers and email Joe if you would like a reciprocal link on his website. 

About Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson is one of the country’s most quoted experts on stress management, work-life balance, and productivity. He has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, NBC Nightly News, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, and in dozens of publications to discuss how to work smarter and break out of the burnout cycle.

Joe has written for Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Fast Company, and on the life side of work-life for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times,, and Escape, the adventure travel magazine he edited, and many others.

He has done keynotes and employee trainings for organizations from IBM, to Nestle, Kellogg’s, LEGO, Imagine, Westin Hotels, New York City Public Health, the Reserve Bank of India, and the ATTA. He is author of Work to Live, a guide to avoiding defaults to stress as well as Don’t Miss Your Life, on the science of activating the most gratifying life.

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