Phases of the Online Experience for Travelers and Tour Operators

3 June 2014 @ 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC
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The challenge for a tour operator is to find some way to connect with their prospects and clients throughout every phase of the trip life cycle.  Many of these interactions occur online through various applications or digital channels that your clients are already using.  The 5 phases are: Research & Planning, Purchase, Anticipate, Experience and Reflect.  This presentation will identify the key goals in each phase from the Client Perspective, as well as the tour operator's perspective.  It will then identify key online channels or other technology that can enable the tour operator to meet these goals.  By setting up proper infrastructure and following these methods, a tour operator will have better and more meaningful interactions with clients, automate key aspects of their business, close more business and increase word of mouth reach.      About the Presenter: Doug Heinz - CEO of PathWrangler.  PathWrangler is an online webapp that allows people to plan trips and tell their stories better than ever before. Doug has spent many years successfully moving tour operators and Outdoor Recreation programs from outdated systems into a brave new world of integrated and socially based online applications.  His strategies have resulted in much less time spent in the office and more time in the outdoors.  They also result in people staying connected after a trip, increasing participation and exposure for a given company or program.  He's working on eventually bottling these solutions as a BBQ sauce, but until then, evangelizes this message with fervor around the world.    
He's also co-author of the eBook, Living the Dream: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Adventure Travel Company.


Doug Heinz

CEO of PathWrangler

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