• 7-9 Nov 2018
  • Campo Grande, MS, Brazil
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Thursday 8 November
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Germano de Barros
  • Concurrent
Innovative Partnership Models in a Dynamic Sector

In addition to traditional tourism distribution channels, there are ever-increasing opportunities for unconventional partnerships. The changing landscape of what defines a “buyer” and a “supplier” in adventure tourism requires industry participants to be vigilant and alert to new trends. This dynamism forces the industry to think creatively about innovative, revenue-driving relationships, best pricing practices, investments in technology and content creation, and the criteria for effective communications and sales. Technology itself is bringing down the barriers worldwide — where is Latin America on this continuum?

A diverse array of panelists share how their interactions with business partners are shifting, what kinds of innovations are changing their operating landscape, and what they anticipate in the future evolution of their sales environments that will lead to success.

This session is intended for delegates from Latin American interested in broadening their range of sales opportunities beyond the traditional outlets. This session will be delivered in Spanish. Translation will not be available.


Eric Aguirre

Director of Product Development, Under30Experiences


Roberta Martins

Travel Writer, Territórios

Eduardo Pedraza

Co-Founder & President, CORE Travel

Marion Salemkour

CEO - Travel Designer, Terra Peru
  • 2:30 - 4:30 PM
  • Germano de Barros
  • Concurrent
Charting the Course for Excellence in Business Management

This session is designed for incoming/receptive tour operators seeking practical knowledge to increase operational quality to build their international adventure tourism businesses. Delegates learn how operational excellence in safety and risk management, social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency can deliver measurable benefits to and increase sales for their your businesses.

Tour operators in Brazil explain how they took the practical steps necessary to implement best practices that make businesses resilient, competitive, and financially successful. In small groups, delegates share impediments to best practice implementation and brainstorm how to apply the lessons, tools, and techniques shared by the panelists.

This session is intended for Brazilian tour operators seeking best practices in business and operations to further develop their adventure travel brands and companies. 


Alfredo Ferreyros

President, Explorandes

Gustavo Timo

Director, Destination Development, ATTA


Adrià Lacorte

Founder & CEO, Aniyami Brazil

Vanessa Almeida

Director, Nas Alturas
  • 5:00 - 6:00 PM
  • Germano de Barros
  • Concurrent
Film Screening: Voices from the Sea

The indigenous people of Easter Island, the Rapa Nui, are connected to the ocean. Women and men fish for their families, and gather shells to craft traditional jewelry and artwork. But what happens when fish stocks decline and plastic from other countries washes up on the Easter Island coast? The Rapa Nui formed Te Mau O Te Vaikava O Rapa Nui -the Mesa del Mar- an effort made up of prominent fishing, tourism, environmental, and cultural leaders, to determine the best ways to protect their ocean waters for future generations. Narrated by Dr. Sylvia Earle, Voices from the Sea (Voces del mar) is a 40-minute documentary that tells the story of the Rapa Nui’s efforts to develop a proposal for one of the world’s largest protected areas of ocean. Watch the trailer.

Presented in Spanish and English.
Running time: 40 minutes.

Partners Partner

Friday 9 November
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Germano de Barros
  • Concurrent
Community Tourism Workshop: Investing in Brazil’s Future

On a global scale, adventure travel helps drive sustainable development on ancestral lands and within rural communities. Experiences that have gained popularity include home stays, culinary demonstrations, visits with tribal elders, interpretive nature walks, handicraft lessons, and volunteer efforts to improve community access to water, education, and much more. Income generated by these types of adventure travel experiences is often crucial for environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and the advancement of ​local​ communities. In Brazil, as in other parts of the world, the best intentions often begin well but ultimately leave communities with a lack of sustainable infrastructure, training, and practical knowledge to continue offering high-quality adventure tourism experiences. As an industry, we need to address these problems, explore complicated issues, and come up with ideas to move toward a better future.

This session provides perspectives from those in the field, who share both shining examples of the longevity of economic benefit to rural and ecological tourism as well as the hurdles they experience every day. Then, in a workshop, delegates engage to find responsible ways to build travel products and work with partners who represent or invest in local communities, protected areas, and cultures.

This session is intended for Brazilian destination representatives, community leaders, and tourism providers interested in strengthening community-enriching tourism. This session will be delivered in Portuguese. Translation will not be available.


Marcos Amend

Consultant and Nature Photographer, Mawe Consultoria e Projetos Ambientais

Marianne Costa

Social Entrepreneur, Vivejar

Israel Waligora

Founder & Director, Ambiental Expeditions
  • 2:30 - 4:30 PM
  • Germano de Barros
  • Concurrent
From Ocean to Land: How Conservation Meets Tourism

Hear from a range of experts working in different contexts, yet with similar goals and results of how conservation tourism can create value for companies, communities, and travelers. Moderated by AdventureEDU educator Ana Ines Figueroa from Argentina, presenters share their challenges, best practices, and a roadmap for success. There will be time for audience questions, and delegates will walk away with action items to incorporate conservation ethics into their business practices and destinations.

This session is intended for tour operators and media delegates from Latin American interested in learning more about the benefits and challenges of conservation tourism. This session will be delivered in Spanish and some English. Translation will not be available.


Ana Ines Figueroa

Owner & Managing Director, Adventure & Landscape


Ena Buenfil

CEO, Selva Teenek / Huaxteca.com

Jorge Moller

Director, Regenera ONG

Eduardo Camargo

CEO, Instituto Baleia Jubarte

Glenn Jampol

Chairman, Global Ecotourism Network

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