• 19-22 Sep 2016
  • Anchorage, Alaska
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    Business Member Price: $1150 USD

Tour Operator Scholarship Program 2016

Legends of the Wild (United States)

“Legends Of The Wild was started specifically to provide an incremental source of funding for scientific field research aimed at wildlife conservation. We very much need to learn how to more effectively market our wildlife tours, whose individual itineraries are complex and custom designed, and we are eager to participate in and benefit from the valuable mentorship and professional development offered through ATTA membership and at the 2016 ATTA World Summit.”

— Ray Smith, Founder

Kurdistan Iraq Tours (United States)

“We established Kurdistan Iraq Tours LLC when no one else would enter the business and kept it alive when all others failed during war and economic hardship.We have finally turned the corner after an extended time of crisis and look forward to a bright future in this amazing land of beauty and adventure. I look forward to an invigorating exchange with my fellow adventure travel company owners.”

— Douglas Layton, Owner

True Adventure (Iceland)

“Being a small business that’s just starting up doesn’t give you many opportunities to attend big conferences. So the news that True Adventure has been chosen to win The Tour Operator Scholarship Program and attend the ATTA Summit is truly awesome.”

— Gisli Steinar Johannesson, Founder

Colibri Spanish School (Nicaragua)

“As a Nicaraguan business woman, I’ll take advantage of this wonderful opportunity which is a big door opened not only for me but for so many other of my fellows Nicaraguan women. I’m very excited and challenged to participate in the Summit and I am ready to go to Alaska and establish connections, offer our Transformational Travels and promote my country.”

— Noelia Corrales, Owner


Grand Asian Journeys UNITED STATES

Project Cordillera UNITED KINGDOM




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