• 20-23 Sep 2021
  • Hokkaido, Japan
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    Business Member Price: $1299 USD
    Marketplace: $750 USD

Rebirth, rebuilding, a reason for being…

It is time for our global community to gather again – the Adventure Travel Trade Association warmly invites you to join us for the Adventure Travel World Summit in Hokkaido, Japan, 20-23 September 2021. This vibrant, friendly, and unique city is the northernmost and second largest of Japan’s main islands. With its unspoiled nature, adventure seekers and lovers from all over the world want to see it’s untouched beauty and explore the many National Parks. Delicious menus with seafood and Sapporo ramen fill the streets, as do the traditions and cultures of the indigenous Ainu people. Join the ATTA community for the first Summit in Asia as we celebrate a reason for being!


Interested in joining as a Community, Professional, or Business Member? Easily join as a Community member for free by simply registering for the Summit using the Community Member – Register option above. Visit our Membership page to learn more about Professional and Business membership options.

Save Your Spot

We know first hand that 2020 has been a difficult year for our industry. We are craving that one-on-one connection, the warmth of each other’s laughter, and the creation of new partnerships, relationships, and products. For the first time ever, ATTA is offering two opportunities to save your space to attend the 2021 Summit in Hokkaido, Japan:


Depending on what 2021 brings us, we are prepared to hold the 2021 ATWS virtually as well. If the event is cancelled due to Force Majeure (COVID-19) your paid Save Your Spot fee ($349 USD Community & Professional price/$299 USD Business Member) will give you access to the Virtual Summit. For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Agenda Snapshot

The Adventure Travel World Summit is where the global adventure travel industry comes together to cultivate connections, gain inspiration, and discover a decidedly adventurous destination. More than just a conference, the Summit is a global gathering of an industry that works hard and plays hard, offering cutting-edge educational sessions, highly rated keynote speakers, a Day of Adventure, and endless networking and business opportunities.


When we travel, we want to fully experience a destination – its culture and history, culinary traditions, its highest peaks to its most secret spots. The Summit gives this opportunity to our delegates to taste a bit of the destination’s nature, culture and adventures while building valuable connections with local travel industry providers.


DAY OF ADVENTURE – Monday, 20 September 2021

Japan invites ATWS delegates to experience the best adventures available in and around Hokkaido on Monday, 20 September. Each Day of Adventure is free of charge for registered delegates.

Day of Adventure itineraries will be available to view in April 2021 and available to book in July 2021.



Japan has created a range of three-to seven day itineraries featuring iconic landscapes, off-the-beaten path experiences and memorable adventures throughout Japan.

Registered ATWS delegates are invited to enjoy select Pre-and/or Post-Summit Adventures at a discounted rate. Buyers need to apply to be hosted (application forthcoming). Pre-and Post-Summit Adventures are expected to be available in May 2021.


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