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Attracting and Serving the US Adventure Traveler

The ATTA partnered with Outside Magazine for this new report, “Attracting and Serving the U.S. Adventure Traveler.” Adventure companies interested in building their business with U.S. travelers will find valuable information about:

  • Primary U.S. traveler personas as profiled in the U.S. Adventure Pulse
  • Favored destinations for U.S. adventure travelers
  • Most common adventure activities
  • Average adventure trip duration
  • Common booking tools used

Learn the best window for capturing travelers’ attention as they begin planning their next adventure and the best social media channels, review sites and travel magazines to reach adventure travelers. See which destinations U.S. travelers visited most recently and which destinations they wish to visit next.

Highlights of the extensive U.S. Adventure Pulse are included in this report and refined by using a panel of Outside Magazine readers. Anyone looking to build new business with U.S. adventure travelers will appreciate this overview.

Published in 2015
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